Could you have kidney disease? Know the signs!

Could you have kidney disease? Know the signs!
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Could you have kidney disease? Know the signs!

Could you have kidney disease? Know the signs!

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What is Kidney Failure and how and when does it occur? What are the signs and symptoms of kidney failure? What and how does dialysis occurs? Measure the signs of kidney failure by watching this animated explanation.

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Kidney Failure

Kidney failure happens when one or both kidney stops functioning normally. This could be due
to infection, shock or some accident. Wastes like urea, creatinine, uric acid and ammonium ions
remain in the blood system instead of being excreted. An accumulation of these substances is
toxic to the human system. If not treated in time, it could be fatal. The treatments available are
dialysis or a transplant.
Dialysis is also called haemodialysis or dialysis of the blood. It is a machine that eliminates
excess salts and nitrogenous wastes from blood by filteration. It does not absorb or secrete
anything. Transplantation is a major operation through which failed or dysfunctional kidney is
replaced with a healthy one.
During dialysis, the patient’s blood from the radial artery is passed into the machine and returned
to a vein in the same arm. The dialysis fluid is changed regularly to remove wastes and to
maintain a diffusion gradient between the patient’s blood and the dialysis fluid.
The dialysis machine contains the following parts; a steel tub with a filter filled with a warm
fluid set at 37 o C. As the dialysis fluid enters the blood stream directly, its temperature is
maintained at 37 o C in the tub, to suit the patient’s body temperature. The machine also has a
narrow tubular coil of cellophane with pores and a sterile dialysis fluid. The tubular coil of
cellophane is semi-permeable in nature, allows small molecules to pass through, prevents blood
cells and large proteins from leaving and provides large surface area for exchange of material.
The sterile dialysis fluid surrounds the cellophane tube and contains regulated amounts of
dissolved salts and sugars. This procedure has to be carried out until the kidney is replaced with a new one. Once a kidney fails, there are very rare chances of its healing.
Compared to dialysis, kidney transplant is associated with a better quality of life, lower risk of
death, fewer dietary restrictions and lower cost of treatment compared to a lifetime on dialysis.
You can keep your kidney healthy by keeping yourself active; maintain your weight, control
sugar level, blood pressure, avoiding over the counter pills, avoiding smoking and maintaining a
healthy fluid intake.

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  1. Abel Strootmann

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  2. Ronald Swangler

    Low appetite and nausea/throwing up is also a very common early symptom.

  3. Lajewel

    I had a severe nose bleed that I couldn’t stop and had to go to the ER. When the triage nurse got my blood pressure it was 265/144. They immediately put me on a heart monitor and gave me an IV with meds to bring it down. I had a ct scan and an ultra sound with dye put into the IV and found the reason my blood pressure was so high because I have an artery in my kidney that’s 70% blocked which caused Chronic Kidney Disease and very high blood pressure. I now see a nephrologist every 6 months and have blood taken every other month. I take 5 blood pressure pills a day and take my bp twice a day. Im lucky for that nose bleed because I had no symptoms of anything wrong.

  4. Skeeter McGoo

    the US needs to have some better regulations on Salt in foods .

  5. Pyro Adapt

    Im type 1 diabetic and my A1C is 6.2 but im really scared of one day having to be on this. People often say "well just fake care of yourself" but being diabetic is very hard to live with even when you have the means to take care of yourself. There is often mental issues that come with it such as depression and questioning whether life is worth living with how fragile and easily your health can take a down turn. It also is very anxiety jnducing being in America and knowing the government can make insulin unaffordable at the drop of a hat and knowing that having health insurance and an income to afford it is essentially life or death. I am 24. Pretty healthy all things considersd but from what I've seen , as you get older with type 1 it gets alot harder to maintain your health even if you take good care if it and I'm still racked with fear living with this condition. When i was a teen it was alot worse i would have an existential crisis almost weekly and just stop taking care of myself. Glad i grew out of that in time.

  6. Yemkon Hongha

    Kidney failure is the main cause of panic attack 😢😢😢

  7. Shilpa Sharma

    Nice Information. Thanks for sharing. I am also using Punarnava capsules of Planet Ayurveda and it really helped me

  8. Vinay kumar

    Thank you so much, Mam One can also try Kidney Care Pack from Planet Ayurveda. It is a herbal preparation and good for the kidneys.

  9. Levi Peterson

    this looks like the infographics show

  10. Rooster Q

    I really need to find a kidney donor for my mom 🥺😔

  11. Unique Lady

    I also have kidneys problem for ,3 good yrs

  12. George Sandoval

    My father in law is currently having kidney failure and today they announced he will be starting dialysis. Can anyone give me some tips of how to care for loved one going through this? This is a whole new playing field for us and although it is scary we are hopeful.

  13. Hiteswar K ☘️

    Please pray for my Chote Baba, he is suffering from Kidney failure 🙏

  14. Hog Spit

    ik fucked kidneys run in my blood so i drink water alot …….none of my family better not call me needen one either cuz ima play dead


    To restore kidney back , the person must go for No salt , no sugar, No oil, diet plant based food diet , No cooking eating only lot of raw vegetables and fruits for 3 months your kidney will back 100% Normal…

  16. Pardeep Chopra

    Hello everyone heals yourself with the ayurveda treatment and must try to revive your kidneys packed by planet ayurveda.

  17. 🌈NiRee🌻381*

    I’d like to understand why my mother went from the Mother I knew ,then into Mum I could not trust then into a very evil person .
    Next levels kept coming ..I had what I thought was an honest loving mum daughter love .
    Instead I was abused.
    Cut out of her life then she passed away.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

  18. Squirrel Slapper

    It's one of the funniest things in the world

  19. Lovepreet Singh

    Rencure formula from planet Ayurveda s helpful for the good status of kidneys.

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