COOP Reacts to REP Fitness New ‘Revolutionary’ Home Gym Equipment Releases!

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REP Fitness is teasing us with new fitness equipment. Here’s what I think…
✅ REP Fitness Deals:
✅ Titan Safety Squat Bar –
✅ Rogue Y1 Yoke –
✅ Eleiko Oppen Trap Bar –
✅ Kabuki Kadillac Bar –

REP Fitness recently released a video detailing some of their new home gym equipment products including a new safety squat bar, open trap bar, yoke, and the almighty REP ARES Cable Machine.

I’ve been waiting for these to release ever since they first teased us and despite their continual teasing, I’m still excited for them to come out.

In this video, I give my opinions on the various products and which ones I’m most looking forward to.

REP Original Video:

Coop Reacts to New REP Fitness Equipment – 0:00
REP Video Intro – 0:33
REP Safety Squat Bar – 2:45
REP Utility Seat – 3:26
REP Cambered Swiss Bar – 4:33
REP Open Trap Bar – 5:00
REP Yoke – 8:08
REP Ares Rack – 9:33
Final Thoughts – 13:35

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  1. HitlerActually

    If REP sells the knurled SSB handles separately, I would buy them, so long as they fit on my SSYoke Bar. But I definitely would NOT trade the EliteFTS for the REP

  2. Abraham Kist-Okazaki

    Totally, unrelated. BUT. Has anybody told you that you look a bit like Mario with that hat on?

  3. jordan marshall

    Does rep ship to Canada yet?

  4. deadlift0425

    Vulcan ox bar> Kabuki trap bar! Half the cost, weighs in at 68lbs, rubber bottom built-in jack, and better handles! Also, almost half the cost!

  5. John Mitchell

    Just received my AB 3100 bench from REP. Got it in red. Love it ! Now my shop-gym looks more hard-core.

  6. Turkish Delight

    Rep is challenging Rogue in the home gym game, and Plae is challenging Sorinex in the professional game. Nice

  7. Intergalactic

    That Yoke and Trap bar is done deal for garage strongmen

  8. Dennis Grube

    I saw the price point for the Ares in the FAQs, flinched and 5 seconds later committed to paying for it anyway. The space it would save from buying a quality pulley system is worth it. Plus how it transforms the rack (I just bought a PR4000) is chef’s kiss!

  9. J D

    Haha dang coop you’re so excited about this we don’t even get to hear what they are saying.

  10. granthamtn

    Engineer here – is that a hint of jealousy I sense?

  11. outrun2oo7

    Is there a link to the original video, this yuppie talking over it every 2 minutes is grating on me.

  12. Matt Coorey

    Just curious if you plan on reviewing the new home gym speediance ?

  13. Power Stallion Gym

    I'm starting to regret buying my Oppen Deadlift Bar

  14. Wacko Banana-Pants

    Still waiting for an open trap bar from Titan. But they've increased the prices so much and with inflation continuing it might be cheaper to get the Kabuki now

  15. Sven Stromblaad

    Needing out ain't just for nerds. Awesome.

  16. Power Stallion Gym

    Can you do a review of the Hyperbell from Jayflex Fitness?

  17. mat ingram

    REP going after the big boys. I have just a few REP items but they have prove to to be high quality. Good luck to the new guys on the block

  18. Patrick Bateman

    This may be the most talked over reaction video ever.

  19. Zeus

    Great video!!!! Could you please do a Bowflex home gym review?!!!

  20. Puzzle Box

    We are Puzzle Box Now we are looking for some influencers to promote products

  21. Robbie Halter

    It's lockdown and all the gyms are closed,
    Can I loose weight at home?

  22. Jolein

    Use the foamroller after showering! Showering tightens your muscles , so rolling them out will help against muscle pain.

  23. Brooke Amber

    Been looking for a vid like this!

  24. Sardara Singh

    Very nice Products 💪🌷👌🌷👍

  25. Hager Adel

    Thank you so much that was such a helpful Video 💙

  26. Ka Ailene Channel

    I'm her para sa Module 😂

  27. comfortablynumb

    Very helpful! Please do more of these (-:

  28. rachsounds

    Please make more yoga mat!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  29. sheenng

    So useful especially during this quarantine period! Thanks, Tyen! Take care ♥️

  30. Pyrros Dimas

    Please stop spreading fitness myths. Your toes are allowed to go over your toes, when you squat.

  31. Jayna

    This is so so helpful now that gyms are closed

  32. ardianworld

    Great video 🙂 The foam roller is the best investment I’ve made as the possibilities are endless. Next to that; you can find them for quite cheap. Using the foam roller for your back and shoulders feels great; it takes a while of getting used to, but it pays off. Greetings from The Netherlands and stay safe & healthy all!

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