Connor Murphy Trains at Planet Fitness

Connor Murphy Trains at Planet Fitness
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Connor Murphy Trains at Planet Fitness

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  1. Maruchan Gainz

    The people that work at the gym never harass me. It's always the people that workout there. These 2 toothpicks waiting 5 plus minutes between sets. Come over while I'm finishing a shoulder press, saying come out you can do it. This fat old guy with hishat turned backwards. If I'm on a machine he wants, he says are you done yet. And stands there until I'm done when I say no. He also stands there staring at me while talking to the teenagers.

  2. Pancakes611

    I like planet fitness because its cheap and you see so many girls with nice big butts

  3. Shawn Evans

    I like Planet Fitness! The one machine I wish they had is the Hack squat.

  4. AndresisBest

    Bro Bradley Martyn is stronger than you 💯

  5. Tammer Mashni

    We need to stop the planet fitness hate. It's cheap and if we hate it build your own gym and locations …me personally I don't care for planet fitness but I'm not complaining because it's someone else's business and they want it ran like that!

  6. Regular internet person

    Shat myself while watching, great vid

  7. Ku'gath The Plague Father

    That's not fitness. that's a fucking fat fuck party disguised as a gym.

  8. サンティアゴジェイデン

    U shouldn’t have a problem at planet fitness the problem is most the people working there aren’t even actual people the work out any other fitness place u will notice how buff the workers are this is probably why this place is so cheap

  9. Ben Morgan

    I’m new to the gym and if I start out in an environment where no one else is serious like planet fitness, I will eventually stop taking it seriously. Imma stick with club for rn

  10. BivBrawl BS

    Just came back from the gym
    And now the gym calling me back to gym after this video where
    Conor trains at plannet fitness gym… 🥵

  11. Conklin Street

    I wonder if the cat on his head is still alive?🤔

  12. Unknown *

    Me because there is no golds near me 🙁

  13. kovam1234

    NO STRINGER TOPS. Walks in with a stringer top acting as if nothing was wrong XD! youre a legend dude. Ik youre different when older but keep grinding. You will recover bigger than ever!

  14. Shaquawn Ross

    PF is for people who don’t wanna spend a ridiculous amount of money on a gym membership

  15. TheAresBlade

    God bless us all amen lord
    God bless you 🙏
    Turn to God
    Believe in god amen 🙏

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