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Conjunctivitis, also known as “sore eye” or “pink eye” is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the superficial layer of the white part of the eyeball. It is caused by either a viral or bacterial infection or allergic reaction to certain allergens such as dust mites or pollen. Find out more about the symptoms and the steps you can take to prevent it from spreading to your loved ones.

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Treatment For Bacterial Conjunctivitis

After taking some time off work for Christmas and New Years, I wanted to go back to work on the 1st of January but because of Bacterial Conjunctivitis (eye infection.) I was unable too. In this video, I talk about some herbal remedies that I have tried to give you an idea of how to treat yours.

My condition was confirmed by a doctor and if you have redness of the eyes, have discharge from the eye, or swelling you should also contact a doctor before trying anything as you may end up irritating it more. Sometimes just going to the pharmacy can be good as they will provide you with advice and may recommend a medication. Treatment for Conjunctivitis varies as it can be caused by different problems such as an allergy (hay-fever), bacterial, or can be caused by a foreign substance.

I always prefer natural medicine and I tend to try that first. In my case, the herbal remedies didn’t help me and may have made my condition worse. The 10-day course of penicillin antibiotics was the treatment that worked.

Find out more about conjunctivitis:

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  1. Ann Macleod

    Why should we suffer conditions without treatment just because it clears up its self don't expect me to have nothing to help eye conditions when it takes weeks of suffering blurred vision because your to mean to give something for the eye condition

  2. JINGNA Su

    I got conjunctivitis! Should I use a device?

  3. neverbrokeagainmoneygangtakeoff

    I have conjunctivitis what is the best medicine for this

  4. Arif Brasileiro

    I had this one started last Friday . But Thanks to Allah SWT I'm getting better. But still not fully recovered and the things look blury from infected eye

  5. Jayson Agustin

    Does eye mo help to cure conjunctivitis?

  6. MohawkAKtownWarrior

    I think omicron has given me this.

  7. Cameron

    I just pull the crusty bits of my eyelashes lol since I take eye drops for this

  8. Cameron

    I have this but I’m taking eye drops everyday about 3-4 times whoever is scared to take them it’s just a tiny drop just look somewhere else and you may have a blurry eye but that’s normal just start blinking for a few mins and will be gone hope it helped

    ps. I recommend doing this when it stops running like water from your eyes btw it’s not tears it’s just a liquid that runs during conjunctivitis I’m not a eye doctor lol and do this for about 4-7 days or when as I said that liquid stops running it might stop running but if u have a crusty eye does not mean you have lost it btw do not touch your eye with it then your other eye because it is contagious

  9. Imtiyaz Ahmad

    Sir I had recently covind but mean while I develop redness in m eyes since a month has gone I used some eye drops but still it doesn't go away what should I do

  10. Nico Faith

    Is crusting of the eyelids can be also considered as a symptom of conjunctivitis? This crusting usually happens during morning which gives me a difficulty opening my eyes whenever I wake up.

  11. Tyrell hanley

    Me with it watching this 👁👄🔴

  12. Nemuel Jhon Estrada Paigalan

    Bro how frequent did u take the amoxicillin bro? May i know the dosage

  13. The Unknown Tastes with Khumo and Pascal

    So helpful hun. Thanks

  14. name not shown

    I've got same, had for about 5 days, eye drops no good, tried alcohol on tissue paper, wipe around the eye just till get a little sting in the corner of eye, clearing up very quickly now.
    Seems to work well, probably just enough to kill the bacteria. Was just an experiment seems to work. Using methylated spirits ( cant really get pure alcohol in australia, no rubbing alcohol available here). No noticeable side effect, this is second day using alcohol, almost cleared up, certainly way way better.

  15. Brandon Betancourt

    What are good antibiotics for this?

  16. Tasnim Hossain

    I got rid of mine within 48 hours, Here's how
    Firstly , I washed my eyes (3 times a day) with icy cold water,with clean hands of course.
    Then Wiped my eyes with clean towel,
    Lastly I pored two drops of "Euphrasia off" on my eyes (3 times a day).

  17. Noonecares12

    Ive recently stayed wearing contacts which make me have pinkeye 2 weeks ago, and now i have it again . School starts for me tomorrow so idk what I’m supposed to do

  18. Benette S

    I scraped my feet with a skin peeler, when I took a bath, Within one minute I had Bacterial Conjunctivitus, I tried rinsing with salt water and eyedrops, it didnt help. It felt like a rock was in my eye, I had headackes of the irritation, it was Corona so I kept on trying home remedies, after three days I even stopped these, I gave up, the next morning when I woke up the yellow swollen eye totally sticky and I could not open it. I washed it with a bit of baby shampoo and did nothing else, it felt better than the previous days , like if the stone is smaller, after the third day it cleared up. I just had that feeling that if I left it alone to clean itself from the beginning it would have healed faster , dont doctor arround too much.

  19. JosephPasin

    i got the same thing on saturday the 13th and its tuesday the 23rd now. Started taking Amoxicillin for 6 days now. Got better a little bit. The discomfort is not really there, but the redness in my eye, the gunk build up, constant teary eye is still here. Although a little better. Its still there. It's been 10 days mate I can't wait for it to go away. The blurry vision is making it really hard to study

  20. Alexander Cruz

    Dude get to the point of your videos. If you make a video, get to the point. Don’t want to hear about random stuff.

  21. Adamu Mati

    Although the world wouldn't believe in Herb's, I will because Dr. Ogie has shown me the power of which these herbs contain , It got rid of my 7 years Chlamydia, what else can I say than thank you Dr….

  22. Man Milk

    I got mine just this afternoon when I'm covering the water pump in the farm (btw I'm Filipino) and I'm running because the rain Isa pouring and something got in my eye I rubbed it and it goes away then when I came home I felt like there's something in my I rubbed it then I felt itch I went to the mirror I saw my eyes red and about an hour the redness is gone there is swelling in my right eye in the right corner but it actually goes away I can tell cause when I checked there has a lump on

  23. AWGE Ricardo

    I’ve been have my left eye like that for a while and was scared to go to the eye doctor to go and check it out ,I’ve tried many eye drops and even got an oiment from the clinic but it’s helped slowly but hasn’t gotten rid of it

  24. Hodan Elmi

    Doc Kham! He is one of the oldest herbalists after Dr. Sebi and total am a living testimony to his herbal cure to psoriasis disease, I became psoriasis disease Negative after using the herbal medication thanks to God and Doc Kham for his herbal medicine is real.

  25. B Sivakami

    Can we zyxamid drops regularly for our eyes

  26. Hyper Boy Tkl 107

    I rubbed my right eye this mornin right after touching a denim bag. My hands were clean though. And soon after rubbing my eye i felt some heavy sensation within my eyelid and soon after, my white eyeball turned really red, but not swollen below the eyelid and i noticed my eyeball turned soft like jelly when i move it sideways. My eye is tearing up so badly and i now am experiencing some blurry, double vision. It all happened very fast and i was very well in health previously. It's been around over 12 hours now and the tearing seems to be getting bad and i feel a very itchy, and painful, stinging, burning feeling in my eye. And i noticed also my eye seems to have gotten smaller and slitlike and my vision even blurrier than before. What have i done? I would have been in good health otherwise before this happened to me very fast. Is there any possible remedy or preferably some simple home treatment for me? Will putting more visine or some eye ointment help? i seriously dread visits to doctors / hospitals. I'm really getting anxious now and worried. I'm age 50, Filipino, male. Please help me!! Sorry for the lenghty comment sir.

  27. Gregg Burke

    My dad suggested I rub some dirt on it, but to be honest, that really didn't help. That's usually his go to remedy. When I was 11, I broke my forearm playing American football. He said, "Rub some dirt on it." It never really helped, but I guess it's better than growing up with HIS dad, my grandfather. My grandpa always said, "laughter is the best medicine" which is why my dad was an only child…eventually! His 5 brothers and sisters all died of tuberculosis.


    If it helps anyone, if they are matted shut over night, you need to see a doctor for antibiotics

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