Colorectal Cancer – Overview

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  1. William Henry

    Thanks to my doctor who cured me of cancer that almost get rid of my life.

  2. YeahShaw

    Today I learned I have only a 30% chance of being here in 5 years. Final chemo tomorrow. I’m going to be that 30% that makes it past 5 years.

  3. Ujuani68

    I have had surgery, where they took half my larger intestine. I now have a hemicolon…😜

  4. long live V-roy

    I have chronic hemroids but its turning into anal cancer

  5. kylie m

    i believe i might have it.. my grandmother died from this in 2015 and recently i’ve been having problems with my bowel movements and now my stomach has been hurting and there’s a bump there.. 🙁

  6. Helga frankly

    Special thanks to God almighty for using
    dr osuma on YouTube to cure me from blood cancer totally, get in touch for any type of cancer his active ''

  7. Render Donald

    With proper treatment for colon cancer from Dr Oyalo , I was cured completely and free from chemo. This is my way of sharing my experience about Dr Oyalo and how he cured me.

  8. Di Rothenberg

    My husband got diagnosed 6 years ago with stage 3, he had 12 treatments, and cancer was gone, on less than 1 year cancer come back stage 4 , he had chemo treatments every another week, no operation possible, he had Mets to lungs ,liver only couple spots and Mets to spine L3 as he had radiation for that. we had so many ups and downs in this horrible journey I was there for him from start till last breath he toke.. I was there for him in his worse days and good days he went on hospice on our 14 year anniversary – he was on hospice for exactly one month and one day,
    2 month ago he passed away peacefully at home, he made it 6 year survival with good care and support he needed.

  9. SheepInwolfsclothing

    I was sitting in a squat position, after sometime I feel some kind of liquid got behind and is I touch thru the shorts I was wearing that time, I see blood sticking to my fingers.
    I am shock scared as this was my first time to experiencing this unusual.
    Is this a sign of colorectal cancer?
    Should I be worried?

  10. Farhan Mahmood

    My mom and my aunt died from this cancer May Allah have mercy upon them souls and grant them the highest rank in Jannah ameen.

  11. Manu Zacharias

    Is ct of colon along with barium enema a standard screening procedure

  12. Hallstatt Gum

    Hi there , my friend has cancer and the biopsy is: microscopic adenocarcinoma reveals rectal mucosa with neoplastic glaucoma, with moderate infiltrative differentiation
    Can you explain me pls

  13. Timmie Marshall

    Wonderfully done. Thank you for breaking it down.

  14. antivaxxnugs

    I'm 17 and have had blood in my morning stools, I passed a stool a while ago but no blood, all of this anxiety is making me feel unwell, what if I have cancer?

  15. Nikita Childers

    My father had horrible symptoms for about 6 months. Didn't see a doctor until he couldn't function. Stage 4 colon cancer. He died a year later. Please get your check ups!

  16. mabon davis

    Well am very thankful that i did not ignored my symptoms and got checked, I was told that I have colon cancer i though am going to die and will not get time to spend precious time with my kids am still fighting it but along with chemotherapy i took herbal treatment from Planet Ayurveda and through their treatment am able to manage my disease and reduce all the side effects.

  17. Emmyson Morgan

    Does anyone still doubt natural herbs? I have seen the great importance of natural herbs and the wonderful work they have done in people's lives. I wonder why people still spend their money on surgeries, injections, and medications every time they get sick. Natural herbs can cure all kinds of diseases, including, prostatitis, herpes, diabetics, asthma, cancer, hepatitis, etc. I have seen it with my own eyes. I was cured of lung cancer,And my sister and her husband was also cured of irritable bowel syndrome by Dr,Ayes who uses natural herbs to cure different types of illnesses. Even Ayes proved to the whole world that natural herbs can cure all diseases and he healed countless people using natural herbs. I know it's hard to believe, but I am a living testimony. There is nothing wrong with trying herbs. Contact him via ( or WhatsApp +2349028032485.Come and thank me later

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