Colon Surgery – What Are Your Options?

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Colon Surgery – What Are Your Options?

How many people do you know who remain cool and unaffected at the prospect of undergoing surgery? Not many I assume. A chlorophorm smelling operation theatre, the surgeon and his assistants with their mouth covered and carrying scalpels that are glistening under the bright light of operation theatre— a common imagery we come across in every second Hollywood film. And a shudder runs through our spine on thinking about surgery. This often makes us develop an escapist attitude and we chose to ignore the symptoms which could have otherwise got completely cured if interfered with simple surgery.

It is particularly true of colon related problems, where little surgical intervention can make for dramatic improvement, but people just shy away from the problem in their apathy for undergoing surgery. But suppose you get a chance to repair your colonic problems by surgical procedure minus the inconveniences associated with a conventional surgery, what you will do? Yes, of course you will opt for the surgery and you are not alone in your choice. Increasing number of Americans are undergoing laparoscopic colon surgery every year to get rid of the colon related diseases like diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s colitis and hemorrhage. In most of these cases parts of colon are removed and two ends are stitched up and in case of colorectal cancer, the cancerous parts and surrounding tissue and lymph glands are removed to reduce the chance of recurrence.

The minimally invasive colon surgery popularly known as laparoscopic surgery has been increasingly viewed as an alternative to traditional or open colon surgery. The conventional colon surgery can not promise a fast and easy recovery as they are highly invasive. Incision is made over a large area of the abdomen and you have to stay at hospital for 5-8 days and recovery period spans to an average of 6 weeks.

On the other hand, the laparoscopic colon surgery ensures you not only quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay, it also ensures your colon’s getting back to its normal bowel function quicker. Then in this surgery, you feel less pain and the scar is also much smaller. You can resume the solid-food diet in laparoscopic colon surgery and also can return to your normal routine.

Laparoscopic colon surgery is a comparatively new technique in which a laparoscope or tiny telescope with a video camera connection is inserted into one of the openings. Through the video camera the surgeon gets to see the inside of your abdomen and he inserts his surgical instruments through another small incision to remove the damaged portion of the colon. Then in the same way, the healthier portions are stitched up.

So if you are among those who want a healthier colon to enjoy life in its fullest, but get nervous at the very thought of a traditional surgery, then Laparoscopic colon surgery is the ideal solution for you; it repairs your colon but causing you minimum discomfort.


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