Colon Resection

Share this: – This 3D medical animation shows the normal digestive functions of the colon, outlines various conditions that may require surgery, and describes the colon resection procedure. Key steps include removing the affected segment of colon and stapling the two loose ends together.
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  1. helloianimate

    Dude I found this from forgetting to add GD to colon, and the results are disgusting.c

  2. Red Riddler

    I have had Intestinal volvulus (s) for thirteen years now, and am constantly losing more intestine with each subsequent surgery. In 2015 I had a small bowel transplant i.e. (large intestine, small intestine, and partial colon) I currently have an ileostomy. As of now, I'm waiting on getting a ostomy take down surgery, to hopefully one day to return to normalcy. Good luck and Godspeed for everyone who suffers from these sorts of afflictions.

  3. Southerner

    Surgery coming up on the 4th. I am 35 and now have colon cancer. I have a tumor blocking my colon. They want to take it out asap. Also talking about taking whole colon out so cancer dosent grow again later in life.

  4. Alex Drummer

    I had colon resection back in 2018 do to apendix cancer spreading to my colon

  5. Woody Camacho

    I had the surgery done 3 weeks ago and now I am experiencing dry orgasms I had the diverticulitis And the time of the surgery I had a catheter for my urine what do y’all think?

  6. TribeofBenjamin

    Great video! Short and sweet, but hit the big bullet points.
    Thank you from a current nursing student.

  7. Mr Bison

    You don’t have to say he or she. Just say he. Okay?

  8. Peter Smith

    Are there any better methods of rejoing the colon after a resection than just sewing it up

  9. Andrea Chin (WWF-MALAYSIA)

    I'm asking on behalf of my friend. Back in 2016, he got an appendicitis infection and left untreated for a month or two. Then when he finally went to the emergency unit, it was found out that his left colon was infected too. Until this day, he wears a stoma bag. Now, the doctor has given him the decision to make, either to wear stoma bag for a lifetime or to put the colon back, however, the risk is internal bleeding. His colon has be cut off another 1cm before attachment, so it will get tighter. he got 5 months to make this decision. Please provide us with professional advice. Thanks

  10. Fernando Fernandez

    Is it normal to feel pain months after the surgery when I wake up really really cold?

  11. Cheryl Masson

    I had diverticulitis surgery, 3 weeks ago, still recovering still have some pain and sorness looking d
    Forward to getting back to normal..

  12. Ali Yas

    We dont need the physiology we just need the procedure you dumb ass

  13. Cristina Mihaela

    Hello.May God bless you all and keep you healthy until the day we have to go.I had diverticulitis and a part from colon removed,I had a bag,one year ago I had the resection surgery and went very well.but nobody tells you if you have a ring inside you or not.or if you do when you will pass it I felt like I was given birth..and I'm not constipated…it made me think about the ring that is attaching the colon back.did someone had a ring and when it passed out.Thank you so much.Please if anyone knows,please tell us.we don't find the answer anywhere.peace be with you.May God protect us all

  14. JojoDC

    But I am trying to search GD Colon.

  15. Tim Galletas

    What is the recovery time after surgery. I only have 6 weeks of fmla left and due to go back to work after and will be having this surgery next week. I would appreciate if someone can tell me. Thanks.

  16. Momoland Daisy

    Places in hospital
    PACU/recovery room-post anesthesia care unit

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