Colon Cleansing: My Opinion

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Is colon cleansing a good idea? Here’s what I think.

0:00 Colon cleansing 
0:35 Problems with colon cleansing 
1:55 Why do you want to do a colon cleansing? 
2:23 What to do

In this video, I want to give you my opinion on colon cleansing. 

There are several different types of colon cleansing: 
• Colon hydrotherapy 
This is where water goes up the rectum into the large intestine and flushes everything out. This can flush out you’re electrolytes. You may want to take electrolytes after, so you don’t become deficient. You’re also flushing out your friendly bacteria, which would need to be put back in. 

• Herbal laxatives
Creates a purging of the material out of the colon 

• Colema 
This is a combination of an enema and a colonic. The problem is that it’s very temporary. It also flushes out your electrolytes. If you’re already deficient in electrolytes, this can cause dizziness and even affect your heart. The apple juice a person is supposed to drink while doing the colema, can also keep the blood sugars up, preventing ketosis. 

Fixing your diet (doing keto) may be the best way to go. Typically, fixing the diet can fix whatever issue caused you to want to do the colon cleansing to begin with. I’m not against colon hydrotherapy as a short-term solution for constipation or other conditions. But, it should be supervised, and the electrolytes and friendly bacteria need to be put back in. 

What you could do: 
• 1. Start fasting 
• 2. Decrease inflammation 
• 3.Consume phytonutrients 
• 4. Consume fermented vegetables 

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand colon cleansing and my opinion on it.

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  1. k s

    What is the best solution for someone keep getting candida yeast infection?

  2. Noorjahan Mohani

    If colon hydrotherapy gets rid of bacteria in colon won't it also get rid of candida if one has candida overgrowth?

  3. Darren LeSueur

    I've been doing MMS enemas and been flushing out parasites like crazy. And when your detoxing and getting die off you can do an enema and get rid of the headaches. 32 ounces of warm water and 5 drops of MMS drop mix

  4. Russell Motter

    Do you have any videos on gas specifically very foul smelling gas only at night time

  5. Asif Osman

    Give this man a medal. 24 carat gold, please.

  6. Each one Teach one

    How do you feel about fecal mucoid plaque removal? I’m weary about it now that I know about the intestine mucosa barrier.

  7. ginger cox

    99% of all apple juice comes from China. Yum yum

  8. Michael Bruce

    I have bloating and general malaise. Low energy.

  9. Cherelyn Elision

    They sale a product called Rupoo. To cleans the colon. Good/ bad?

  10. Zead Emad

    i don't know why you trying to solve every problem in life with the keto diet

  11. ananth S

    U hav a special place in heaven dear dr

  12. subrinah subrinah

    is this the reason muslims fast in month of ramadan

  13. Thrills and Deals

    Great book to learn more about fasting. How to Eat to Live by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


    its on title of your video:
    cleaning, like you clean your body.
    your why question is like why do you take shower?

  15. Collette Brynes

    I am suffering with a sluggish bowel never feel I empty my Colon I have booked for a colon hydro therapy I am concerned about my levels of friendly bacteria been cleaned out

  16. Princess13Hearts

    Does drinking sole every day helps w cleaning the colon?

  17. gillian hamp

    What are your thoughts on the salt water flush that you drink?

  18. chai momma

    I can’t eat meat! I get nauseous and crave vegetables and low salt and I had a kidney infection this summer. I’m eating enough protein to fill my hand and that is all I can tolerate. Kimchee and vegetables and water and tea is what I’m tolerating lately.

  19. Insane about film

    In my experience doing an enemy every few months, say 3-6 is a good way to maintain colon health over a longer period of time, essentially you wanna do at least two every year. I believe it’s important to clean the intestinal walls because they have suffered from years of abuse, consisting of, inflammation, over-saturation, the amount of toxicity in one’s system cannot be ignored. The process of elimination, detoxification and rejuvenation should be on everyone’s to do list.

    Enemas/ Hydrotherapy are the way to go. I’d stay away from herbal laxatives or colonic remedies of any kind.
    Your body is mechanical in design, therefore the engineering of one’s digestive system requires practical methods to optimise colon health. Think of it like your pipe system underneath your sink, every so often blockages occur, requiring the need to flush/clear it out allowing the passageway to discharge waste efficiently.
    Same with your body, some blockages require physical work.

    I’d also recommend fasting during this period too. Fasting within itself is an internal cleaning exercise, a natural detox, whilst colon cleansing is an external application. Combining the two may provide optimal results when this is practiced with care.

  20. aman sharma

    Hello doctor thank you so much for your videos you throw light on so many important issues .. I watch your videos and try following it and it’s being helping me a lot .. Now I have a question as well to ask you I got hair transplant done recently is it okay for me to do intermittent fasting .? Thank you and love your videos from India ..!!

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