1. Google Account

    This woman is literally full of shit!


    I don’t need a cleaning i fart too much

  3. King mike

    Damn she never goes to the bathroom..Sheesh

  4. station2123

    That's a lot of poop coming out of her.

  5. Stuff

    How does all that just chill in the colon for so long?!

  6. Tarun Chauhan

    I just run into your video great info it's good to know about some good natural healthy drinks for our bodies. I hope you show some more of this kind of videos besides the great food you cook with that i
    should take treatment from planet Ayurveda for fast results.

  7. Azarias maria christine jaime zac pastoriza

    I want to do this I'm so going to do it

  8. Renee Scott

    Why dose she have her shoes on lol

  9. Jaz

    I had colonoscopy but not a colon cleanse

  10. iDracula

    Why is this so satisfying to watch?! 😂


    Great shit. Thank.

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