Cinnamon capsules to control pre-diabetes

Cinnamon capsules to control pre-diabetes
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Cinnamon capsules for prediabetes

Cinnamon, Diabetes, and Alzheimer's Disease by Don Graves, Professor UCSB

Can this tasty treaty be your ticket to better health?
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  1. Flow Gains

    Be careful please! What about coumarin in cinnamon? Isn’t it detrimental to your health and can wreck you liver.

  2. TENET

    my doctor told me to take cinnamon tablets as well.

  3. Breeze thru

    Yes honey 🤝🏽🚶🏽‍♂️✌🏽

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  5. happiness

    I have read in so many places that metformin can cause cancer. I was taking it for over a decade ( not for diabetes) but have stopped Taking it prior to seeing my Dr. I'm not going to ask him beforehand. I have just stopped taking it.

  6. Queenofweaves

    This is a great tip. I was diagnosed as prediabetic as well and that metphorman made me so sick I couldn’t work, it tore my stomach up. I got off watched my food and walked. I’m no longer prediabetic I’m just below the number that makes you diabetic so I still have some work to do. I can’t drink the apple cider so I will pick up the tablets and get me some cinnamon capsules. I also just started taking my black seed oil again. Black seed oil is nasty but it’s awesome for our health check it out😉

  7. Maggie Shah

    You can also make cinnamon tea. I add ginger. Stick or powder both good. Thanks for the tip

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