Celebrity Trainer Reacts to Strange Fitness Advice

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Be careful of the fitness tips you see online!! On one hand, you can find amazing great tips that help you get into shape but on the other hand, there is a ton of terrible advice that can be very misleading or even worse, lead to injuries. In this video, we dive into what has been going on over on tiktok and see what is solid advice, what you shouldn’t believe and how to spot the good from the bad.

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  1. H

    I'm expert with degree from Tok Tic I can bench 700lbs and I'm only a 13 year old girl.

  2. Xenpai Kage

    Everyone has different methods and different philosophy in fitness. U can't always go by the book if it doesn't work for u. Alot of these "strange" techniques can be effective and scientifically be added to the book.

  3. Alberto Agilar

    William li gives good advice but he also be trolling 😂

  4. JA Adkins

    I knew Magnus was a good one when he shared his 17/20 rule

  5. Christian Tyler

    Celebrity fitness hack #1 TESTOSTERONE

  6. LuzuVlogs Gamer

    SO this is the guy that pumps the Heroes with stuff to make them Bigger and stronger in 6 months nicee..

  7. Pedro Henrique Ruy Curto

    12:08 ''there is no shortcut to became hokage – Naruto''

  8. Lokiaxe

    I honestly feel like so many people take some of William li’s videos they intentionally pick some of his weaker videos and a few of his less accurate videos because many of his videos are honestly useful and he is super kind and motivational

  9. Arzan

    William Li is the goat you should have checked his other videos!

  10. Sheena Malazarte

    Thank you for this video. I’m a gym rat and this is helpful.

  11. Iziah Akuhata

    The problem is everyone is looking for shortcuts. Purpose begins the journey, Consistency finishes it. If you want to lose weight begin by walking, if you wish to gain weight begin with push ups. 3 years ago I started with 3 sets of 5 push ups.. Now my routine is 120 pull ups and 180 push ups in about 80min. I don't mention this to brag but to emphasize the fact that it WILL take years to build the body you want and even more years to keep it that way 💯

  12. Keith Holt

    Doing ab workouts at night probably looks like it works because, for women at least, the body is less bloated after fasting all night so it looks like something special happened.

  13. Trey Matthews

    I’ve seen William Ali (the first guy) deliver some quality content for beginners in the gym but damn that was dog shit advice

  14. Samar

    Sucha good video slept and dreamt abt 5-6 times while listening to this

  15. Spoon

    this guy reminds me of my science teacher for some reason
    probably because he's buff

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