Care Plan for Type 2 Diabetes – Important Past Health Information

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This video covers The MediChannel’s Care Plan for People With Type 2 Diabetes. Regardless of the severity stage of your diabetes, for example, prediabetes vs. diabetes, it’s important to have an action plan you can refer to. That can also guide you with your journey to overcome the daily challenges of living with diabetes.
This Video is the 1st of a 10 video series to provide you with such a plan, formerly known as a Nursing Care Plan for Type 2 Diabetes for Home Use.

At The MediChannel, we provide you with guidance and strategies to overcome day to day health challenges, including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Pains and Stress. Our ultimate goal is your Health and Happiness.

What is a Nursing Care Plan for Type 2 Diabetes?
This is a plan, guide, and a checklist to help you provide proper care for an individual or family with type 2 diabetes. This nursing plan is explicitly allotted to diabetic patients.

The nursing plan merely focuses on methods proven to work with proper comprehensive treatment tactics offered to patients at hospitals and nursing home facilities, which can be used at individual and family levels.

The care plan involves diagnosis, monitoring, and planning the management that detains on effective recovery from type 2 diabetes through regular sugar monitoring, diets, exercises, and timely medications (e.g., insulin).

How to Use This Nursing Plan for Diabetic Patients?
A treatment program is formed that seeks recovery and emphasis on changes and interventions that can be implemented promptly to the patient.

It involves a process of changes that are needed in making diabetes-related conditions (e.g., diabetic wound care) quite better for the patients. The person who provides nursing care should keep track of all the caring planning processes in the patient’s care.

I encourage people who provide self-care for their diabetes to use this Nursing Care Plan as well.

The Goal of This Nursing Care Plan for Diabetes
The goal for any nursing plan is it bring more beneficial changes in a patient’s life in terms of numerous healings. The ‘healings’ which are monitored through a complete Nursing Care Plan such as this are spiritual, psychological, social, and, most importantly the physical ones. The target is to examine all the improvements coming on health in different forms as you care for someone with diabetes.

The Fundamentals of Nursing Care Plan for Type 2 Diabetes – The Checklist
This Nursing Care Plan is based on 10 key focus areas when managing type 2 diabetes from home.

Focus 1 – Important Past Health Information
Focus 2 – Your (or patient’s) Lifestyle
Focus 3 – Results of the Objective Examinations and Test Results
Focus 4 – Diabetes Monitoring
Focus 5 – Diabetes Management
Focus 6 – Your (patient’s) Endurance
Focus 7 – Symptoms and Complications Management
Focus 8 – Skin Management
Focus 9 – Healthy Immunity for Infection Control
Focus 10 – Positive Health Beliefs and Psychology

Let’s explore each focus area of the Care Plan to understand them better, especially the key actions under each.

Focus 1 – Important Past Health Information
Just to remind you of the complexity of diabetes, hence the importance of keeping a record of your past diabetes information, let’s touch on to some diabetes background.

Type 2 diabetes
In patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, their body cells face difficulty in having a response towards insulin. In the later stages of diabetes, your body may also not produce enough insulin.
When type 2 diabetes is at a level when it cannot be controlled, it can cause blood glucose to reach dangerously high levels. As a result, several symptoms might emerge, and this can result in serious complications for the person.

Medication for type 2 diabetes
The medications are indeed necessary for controlling problems, not just directly associated with blood sugar levels but even high blood pressure and other medical conditions you may be experiencing as well.
Here are the popular medications used in the treatment of diabetes.
1. Insulin therapy
If your diabetes is at a stage where your body can’t produce enough insulin, then you may need insulin injections.
2. Metformin
3. Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors
4. Sulfonylureas
5. Meglitinides
6. Thiazolidinediones – Helps the body to have a strong response towards insulin.

Given the complexity of diabetes, it’s important to keep a record of:
• Your diabetes diagnosis,
• History of other health conditions,
• It’s severity,
• Blood glucose level charts,
• Details of common symptoms,
• Details of rare symptoms,
• Medications you are taking to manage diabetes,
• Medications you are taking to manage other health conditions, and
• Medication-related and missed-medication-dose-related events (if any)

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