Canceling an Anytime Fitness membership

Canceling an Anytime Fitness membership
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Canceling an Anytime Fitness membership

How to cancel a membership at anytime fitness.
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Planet Fitness - Gym on the Rise

Happy New Year everybody. It’s the time for healthy eating and gym memberships. This is a look into one of the fastest growing gyms today, Planet Fitness.

*Note: At one point 1 said we were looking at a 5-year period when it was actually a 4-year period. My mistake.

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  1. unforseenconsequense

    Everyone knows gyms are like this yet it's still legal…

  2. Viz Sicko

    If Iost my gym key how much do I have to pay

  3. Joe John

    After getting fed up with dealing with them, I found it easier just to replace my debit card.

  4. T-Man Tamene

    Remember? Who the fuck remembers what happened 1 year ago?

  5. WasteOfTimeGames

    Bro just cancel it. God damn

  6. Elijah Mccabe

    Lol I got a membership but they put all my card info In wrong and r telling me I gotta pay $200 now😂😂😂

  7. Anndy murillo

    I signed for 1 year as well and they renew it without my permission

  8. Love Aliens

    I’ve spent so much money on this gym! For months having to pay late fees n service fees!

  9. Nardeaux

    I got a 2 yr biweekly contract & its been 4 months🤦🏾‍♂️im trynna cancel & they told me it’s not possible wth!?! They signed me up & I specifically asked could I cancel later if I didn’t like it & they told me yes. Now its a no wth..

    Im thinking of changing all of my account information & closing my bank account.

  10. Brian

    Bro the gym membership in Canada costs $800 for 1 year and to cancel is $300. What a joke

  11. Ashton Richardson

    2:37 Man he's gorgeous. I'd stay with the gym just to look at him everyday

  12. Michael Aldouby

    I have a membership to anytime fitness and I’m month to month. If you sign a contract read it before signing. There is some personal responsibility in this.

  13. Michael Aldouby

    You cancelled within 3 days of signing the contract?

  14. FRank HUzzer

    I'm sure it depends on location but these comments are not reassuring

  15. Dii nSD

    I was a member at Anytime Fitness in Bloomington, IN for awhile. The cancelation process was quick and easy like yours. However, I didn't have to give them written request. They were friendly, didn't ask any questions, and never overcharged me.

  16. Avin Srivastava

    Worst anytime fitness branch in Ranchi. Don't know about anywhere else

  17. Bob Down

    Why answer the phone when you are serving a customer

  18. Bob Down

    Anytime Fitness are bull shitters

  19. Jucuaran503

    Hi there planet fitness, what I just don't like is that all summer 14 to 19 workout for free, what about us that are paying monthly won't be able to have a decent workout because the equipment is being used by those who aren't paying!

  20. Jack Tribble

    I'm one of the guys they don't want…

  21. Alchemia Official

    The judgment free zone, that judges everyone

  22. Aaron G

    Would you do a video on 24 hour fitness ? 🙏🏽 They filed for chapter 11 and restructured, but continue to close clubs. I think only you can get to the bottom of this 🤔

  23. Brandon Hsieh

    wasnt planet fitness a powerlifting gym before it became the gym is is today

  24. Brandon Hsieh

    where did you find this information?
    I have to write an essay and if I can get the source it will help me quite a bit. thanks bro

  25. Caroline Han

    "2021 … let's hope they have a lot of money by that date." Uh-oh.

  26. Roger Tenorio

    My , how this predicted the future indirectly.

  27. Elijah Easley

    You should do some kind of updates on how some of these companies are doing since the pandemic.

  28. Paul Diesel

    I have to say if a Planet Fitness is nearby and has the equipment you need, use it! I go to a “real gym” and it does the job, but is pretty dirty and worn out compared to a Planet Fitness I tried with a free 1 week pass recently. The most important part is just going wether you want to or not and working hard at a program once you get there! Your gains will come! If you stick to it!

  29. Tavastian

    Planet Fitness is the place where fitness goes to die

  30. Curtis

    planet fitness: judgement free zone
    also planet fitness: if you are fit you are lunk and lunk bad

  31. Dan Thomas

    i am a member of this gym but can u do one on Wawa i just got a job here and wanted to know more

  32. Kevs2good

    Planet Fatness isn’t a gym it’s a daycare. Who the hell offers pizza, donuts, and chocolate at the entrance of a “gym”

  33. I. Gray

    2021 post pandemic, Planet Fitness still here.

  34. orlando Littlejohn

    Good for a cheap workout if you have a good franchise that dosent judge. The no judgment zone actually judges serious workout people. If you smoke cigarettes, eat fast food and have a sedentary lifestyle and feel guilty about it planet fitness is your gym.

  35. Fetti Arellano

    Who else watched this in 2021 when planet fitness broke 😂

  36. This statement is false Nothing is true

    Have the people who made those commercials ever been to a gym
    If you’re new to a gym normally people will support you I went to a gym earlier this week and no one was intimidating

  37. Xavier Buchanan

    They achieved they’re goal 2,039 locations to date! Need a video on anytime fitness or 24 hour fitness they blew up out of no where very quickly too!

  38. Ras Alghul

    PT came up with the perfect recipe for success when it comes to fitness. People are lazy!!!!!! PT wants to take all these lazy fucks and make them feel good about themselves even if they are not diligently exercising.

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