Can a normal blood sugar be dangerous?

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Having a normal A1c or not having metabolic syndrome may not mean you are “healthy.” Here is why better measurements and better goals can lead to better health.

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  1. Anom Amos

    There is a trend in Pharmacology to define disease by a reading of some factor that can be reduced by a drug even if that factor has little to nothing to do with any disease or condition and lowering it may actually cause more harm than good . Cholesterol for example has had an ever diminishing count that indicates the need for drugs that are now being proven to be worse than useless and have probably killed ten thousand times more people than they could have saved even when they actually needed them.

  2. Little Voice

    What is a good post meal blood sugar on a low carb diet?

  3. TheShumoby

    Great my a1c is 4.6 and trig/HDL less than 1

  4. Gay Preator

    Truth seekers – have you not followed the events of ‘Frontline Doctors’. The price of truth. 💔 Lifestyle should be the Drug of choice. 👍

  5. Thomas Keets

    I guess I’m doomed. Six years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and severe insulin resistance. My A1C was 11.5 at diagnosis. I immediately went on a clean, strict ketogenic diet and incorporated fasting 24-36hrs twice a week. Eventually, over time, my health improved, and my A1C reached 5.4. Today, I still use a ketogenic diet and fasting and have an A1C of 5.7. I think the body adapts over time, and the protocol needs to keep changing. I find it extremely difficult to bring my A1C down to lower than 5.4 and keep it there. I believe for me to get it down lower than 5.4 would mean another radical lifestyle change and eating once a day permanently or fasting for several days at a time.

  6. Carolyn Williams

    Can you use ACV on Keto??? 🤔🥺🤔

  7. wienerdad

    Super discussion per usual. Thanks for sharing the info. I try to explain to people that it is a spectrum, even before”diabetes” and “prediabetes” levels — that the “diagnostic” dividing line is not indicative of a person not having any problems.

  8. connie

    Us folks and there are lots cannot possibly afford a continuous monitor… another suggestion

  9. Bruce Perfect

    Through new Study about High Sugar
    that First time World get to know that since 1950 how A.D.A ( American Diabetes association) miss guiding the Whole World about Diabetes and Insulin Resistance and they mix up both disease in 1…
    The Diabates 2 is not exist. This is total Miss guide line and miss information, which you and 95 % others Doctors are giving under the Program of American Diabetes that the Person who is above 30 and if he has High Sugar Problem than you say he has Diabates 2 and its Life time progressive chronicle Disease & all of you Doctors are Total Wrong…👎
    Diabetes 2 or Insulin resistance is not Disease .its a Life Style and People get this Problem only because excess using of Carbohydrates and Glucose in daily routine..
    When we see , Super market then we know that 80 to 90% process Food are full of Carbohydrates and behind this miss guiding about Diabetes are Industries.
    1..Food Industry..2..Drugs Industry
    The Food Industry provided us Fake food and because excess use of these food we get a High Sugar Problem
    But if we Get ride of Such kind poison industry foods than Diabates will go with in 3 to 4 weeks without any medicine..
    Thanx Dr.@Jason Fung. DR.@Sten eckberg.Dr.@Sarah.Dr @Benbikman
    Dr.@Ericberg Dr.@KendBerryMD..Dr@Rangan Chatterjee to give the world real info and guidnes..

  10. My-YT-Inputs

    Dr Rob Cywes in a recent video of his suggested shooting for an A1C of 5.2 or less. His recommendation and the suggestions here have me wondering about the "normal" glucose levels in our bodies. I'm a T2D controlled through diet. Keto but more carnivorous lately. But I wonder for someone who is on a ZERO carb lifestyle what is it that causes our bodies to maintain a level of blood glucose even in the lower A1C ranges in the low 5's? Apparently our bodies need are always have a level of blood glucose to function. How much of that level is maintained via GlucoNeoGenesis vs diet? I realize our Pancreas is always secreting Insulin to try and maintain a certain level of blood glucose.

    Just how low can a normal persons blood glucose go and maintain normal body functions? I realize there is a too low condition which will probably be an individual thing.

    As for metabolically normal obese people I would suspect that is just a transitory trend. The overweight is being driven by Insulin correct? Too much extra Insulin for too long is going to eventually cause problems. So the obesity itself should be considered a metabolic issue rather than suggesting they are metabolically normal at least from a subclinical level.

    As for CGMs……those things are great tools. However, accuracy is a huge issue. I've been wearing one for almost a year now. (Libre 14-day) Mine almost always are averaging 5-10 points lower than a finger stick. Many people see them 20-50 points lower. I'm seeing(reading about others) issues that cause me some concern. Now these things may be better for a Type 1 than a Type 2 monitoring their blood glucose. For me as an example I just put on a new sensor on Sat afternoon. You have to give them about 24 hours before I'd trust the readings. This morning I wake up to a sensor reading of 82 however a finger stick is showing 100. Technically that's a failure of greater than 20% and warrants a replacement from Abbott. I am currently waiting on a replacement for my previous sensor which failed early.

    The argument/discussion about CGMs comes from the differences between Interstitial Fluid Glucose vs Blood Glucose measurement and how that translates to displayed numbers.

  11. physics

    Intermittent fasting, 18 hours a day, is much easier for me to do than calorie restriction. The dietary advice from the 1980's, (eating small meals all day and eating 30% or less fat), has led to the epidemic of metabolic syndrome. Also, weight circumference has nothing to do with metabolic health. Only liver fat matters. Obesity is a marker, but there are more normal weight individuals with metabolic syndrome than not. Everyone is at risk. Fasting is the only intervention that should be used to treat this problem. Using drugs to lower blood sugar, by forcing sugar into cells that are already overfilled with sugar, is nuts.

  12. Roger Lassing

    For the second study you could have high triglycerides and low HDL and be classified as "Healthy" as long as no more risk factors have developed (yet). They also included LDL as a measure of metabolic health. God knows why?

  13. JackTannehillPromoter

    Why no mention of the HOMA-IR score or a C-peptides blood test?

  14. Rodney Booth

    Never been diabetic. Last five 6 month lipid tests my A1C was 4.3(first test ) with 4.5 the last 4 test. I had a HA in 2017 and I had to get off SAD. Wanted a CAC but two different Dr's said if you've had a HA than you got calcium buildup,,,,but I still want one. My trigs dropped but is easing back up. LIving in a rural area makes it's hard to get some test.

  15. mtebor

    I am in a private FB group and this question came up. Some of the members have 4.9 A1C but their glucose according to the CGM are won't drop below 100. I wonder if it is the cgm…..but this is with several members

  16. Claire Sanders

    We can have better goals than just being on the verge of illness. Yes! Love that sentiment! ❤️💖

  17. Nick Bardan

    After one year of low carbs and IF my a1c went from 5.5 to 5.7. can't figure out what I am doing wrong

  18. Tao

    I am on keto for two years. My first year HbA1c was down to 4.5, but this year my number went up to 5.5. This is odd. I have been working from home the whole year and if anything I have been eating better and keeping my carbs to around 20g per day the whole time. It’s both baffling and discouraging.

  19. Cassie Oz

    My experience with Abbot Freestyle Libre CGM sensors has been awful. Some don't work at all (inactivate themselves) and others show consistently about 1.2mmol/L below the finger-stick (which is more consistent with my HcA1c. More than half of the sensors have been a total waste of money. T

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