Can a crash diet help to beat type 2 diabetes? – BBC

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Crash diets have long had a bad reputation, but some experts say it’s time to think again about the black sheep of the dieting world.

The Big Crash Diet Experiment | BBC

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  1. Pure Energy

    I am watching your show on amazon. I first see that there are no green leafy vegetables. There are so many nutrients in the veggies. Several years ago I saw a video where people lived in a house being sponsored by a couple of coaches that fixed raw veggies for meals. All the people but one were no longer diabetic at the end of one month.

  2. Andrew Akpaida

    Really appreciate Dr ogoh on YouTube for helping me cure my Type 2 diabetes completely. Now I am happy with my wife, Thanks doctor 🙏

  3. Andrew Akpaida

    Really appreciate Dr ogoh on YouTube for helping me cure my Type 2 diabetes completely. Now I am happy with my wife, Thanks doctor 🙏

  4. You can eat in class!!

    The problem with crash diets is if even if they have a good effect, they are hard to keep up so you're likely to undo all the good you've done soon enough, you need to change how you eat in a more long term way, and allow yourself to be imperfect to not just gain back all of the fat/weight

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  7. Tom O Grady

    Wow well done Paul I hope all is still going so well

  8. Mohammad Ayub

    Yes u can just fast for a few days as a Muslim we fast every year cut out on cheese cake eat healthy for a chance poul is getting fat hay poul cut down on fatty foods mate

  9. Shazana Khan

    After pregnancy i went from 105kg to 65kg. I had diabetes during pregnancy and after birth and losing 40kg i still have diabetes.

  10. Debbie Evans Phelar

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  11. Why Oh why

    Hi, does anyone have any update on how Paul is doing after his diet? Is he still in remission?

  12. Aaron Lina

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  13. John Lewis

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  14. Ragnar Donkin

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  16. Colz

    Would this work for someone who’s had type 2 for around 5/6years? I have a family member who has had type 2 for about 6 years.

  17. Vincent Wiese

    This MRI takes images in slices how does this Doctor know he is in exactly the same place as the first image? Answer the technician doesn't know. There is thousands of images there done on different days. And the body has a good chance of not being on the same exact place on the table.

  18. Vincent Wiese

    It's false hope because you still have Diabetes. The beta cells are dying off.

  19. Vincent Wiese

    It is incurable this Dr Roy Taylor is full of shit.

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