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Build Muscle Workout | Gain Muscle Fast #Shorts
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In this video you see ,how to fight with two enemy with kick .you can fight with enemy with one technique also.


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  1. Dragonguy74z shorts

    Yesssir I see my six pack abbs

  2. I subscribe to whoever subscribe to me

    How many set tho?

  3. Jerkbaylon Malubay

    Yay 🙂 I have little muscles now thanks dude it's works 🥳🎉🤯

  4. Lallu Meena

    Very nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Farah Najam


  6. Dharmender Parmar

    Life me bodi pr pahle dhyan dena chahiye khud ka janna jaruri hota he

  7. Munkherdene Ch

    oh its working thx you so much sir

  8. Martin Lotha

    Sir the person behind will remain statue for you only sir

  9. Shubham Sharma

    ab samne vale ese nhi pakdega

  10. PRO BOII

    sir jee pata chala hamare dushman ne dekhli then socket hamara uradega vo hehe

  11. PRIREX

    Bapre yeh log toh dikhane ke liye vi asli ma marte ha omg …. I am died after one slap 👋 🙂 ….. Respect man

  12. Amishi Sengar

    Ladwe ke waqt je trick dimak me naa aati☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️


    Fun fact- jab yeh real me hoga th dimag se jyda pair kaam me aeyga🤣

  14. Suhail Salman shorts

    Sir baaki 2 ki aisi kya majboori bahut hi buri tarah pit rahe hai

  15. aarti pancheshwar

    Koi dono leg pakdh le tab kya kare

  16. Ahmad Abbas

    No body going to grab you from behind like that… Trust me you will never have space to kick like a horse towards your behind…. Best defense is strength… Guys increase your strength technique or no technique… Strength will always win…


    Bhai mar diya usse demo mei h 😂😂😂

  18. Murshidul Islam

    Real life mai aisa kuch nahi hota…. Jisme dum aur jigra hota hai wahi jeetta hai..

  19. Jorge Alvarez

    No entiendo el idioma,pero con ademanes está muy bien explicado. Gracias desde Guatemala por esas enseñanzas.

  20. Jatin Singh

    Do you guys have a academy where I can train my sisters?

  21. Cinephile

    Pi6ewala thodi na pakad k khada rahega wo bhi to kick mar sakta hath pakad k marega toh bahut jor se lagegi tab kya kre🤔?

  22. Jack Only

    Bohot accha hai practice karunga iski self-defense ke liye

  23. Tate clips

    Don't listen to this because its not gonna work in a reality situation they can freaking kick grab ur hair or do anything not necessarily only puch and kick the best u can do i avoid it at all cost or run away from street fight and u never know if they hav a knife

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