Blood Sugar / Glucose Test Procedure-In English

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This video describes how to perform the procedure of Blood Sugar / Glucose test using a serum sample by Anamol Laboratories Private Limited, India.

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👉INTENDED USE: Test for estimation of Glucose in serum/plasma using the GOD-POD method.

Glucose, a type of simple sugar, is your body’s main source of energy. Glucose testing is primarily done to check for type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Glucose can be estimated in serum/plasma using the GOD-POD method.

👉Unique Feature:
Anti-freezing property – Resistant To Freezing Degradation
• Enzymatic Method Specific For Glucose
• Liquid Stable Reagent With Long Shelf Life
• Fast Result
• High Linearity
• Suitable For Stat Glucose (One Minute Result)
• Suitable For Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer

Anamol Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is an ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER of biochemical formulations for the diagnosis of various diseases for 36 years. We manufacture products for Clinical Chemistry, Serology, Immunoturbidimetry, Rapid Tests, Urine Strips, Laboratory Stains and Chemicals, Molecular Biology, etc.

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  1. Televizora

    Isme hum centrfige bhi kar sakte hai

  2. Televizora

    Distill water ka use nhi hua hai kya

  3. World Facts

    Hi… If standard glucose above 100 mg/ 107 mg/dl.. The results will be wrong?????

  4. Allie Bart

    Thanks for the info. For track my glucose, I am so dependent on my Blucon CGM and Libre. With the help of it's calibration feature, it provides me accurate measured values and my Endo also tracks the glucose via its Followblucon app.

  5. Harriet Israel

    Having Herpes Simplex Virus is not the end of life, I got cured after using Dr Alaho Olu herbal supplement.

  6. ano nimus

    please put subtitle for god sake your accent is hard to hear

  7. saravanan nathan

    Sir please clear your internal memory

  8. Shadil Hassan

    Sir blank ma use nahe karna distilled water 10 microlitre

  9. Ali

    Actually in this video he is Reffering only sugar test on 1 machine.thats why he used blank + standard + sample.On the start of the day this sequence is used at once,then all the day only samples.With this "Control" is also Compulsory.

  10. K Shekar

    How much will it cost to set up everything from scratch for texting blood sugar?

  11. Diljith k u Diljith k u

    Iam using agape reagent

  12. Divesh Jamnapara

    Sir pls video's in hindi language and also pls start a what's up number for testing questions if queries.

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