Blood Glucose Regulation and Diabetes

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A simple guide to blood glucose regulation and a brief overview of the two types of diabetes. This video is designed to build a fundamental understanding of blood glucose regulation so that we can go into more detail in future videos about the different types of anti-diabetic medication.

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  1. ريوف الشهراني

    شرحك خايس يجيب النوم ولا فهمت شيء

  2. Kelechi Akaihe 2000

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  3. Tiger Derhaka

    Iyalah ada orang Berkhidmat Luar Negara tak nak bayar balik dekat kerajaan sebab dia perempuan. Aku bayar balik rawatan percuma kerajaan masa kanak-kanak. Kena jadi Dr part time.

  4. Lavelle Riga

    What happens when someone without diabetes drinks glucose water? My paediatrition prescribed this for my son and I'm curious to know what the effects would be on ones body.

  5. Abubakar Kizito Musoke


  6. Hamerajee Ramrattan

    Very informative and simple video

  7. AM devotional with James

    I would like more 411 on autophagy. Thank you

  8. Connie McCorriston

    Thank you for this information .
    This is a great video .

  9. Olivia Jimenez

    You were going to have videos on treatment for type 2 diabetes.

  10. Michelle Billing

    Thankyou so much! I have notes I have written down in regards to "Maintaining Blood Glucose Homeostasis!" – your video put everything into perspective!

  11. Sujay Vivek

    How do some dislike this video,🥺😞😞

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    Thank you Dr Ogbomon on YouTube for curing me from diabetes am forever grateful sir,,..

  14. lasse skarpengland

    Type 2 DM explanation is off, the chronic intake of carbs doesnt cause diabetes. Overweight and obesity causes increased amounts of Resistin in the blood, causing the diabetes – if the patient will lose weight, they can reverse the diabetes.

  15. YoungMedLion

    Extremely neat and simplified!

  16. AdmireAdmin

    Hi My dad is diabetic . I test his sugar the it's 540 before his dinner meal. (with 2 hrs fasting). I gave him right away 19units of insulin (as presceibed by doctor). May I ask if Insulin can "delute" that high sugar level right away? or should I ask prescribe to doctor a higher amount of insulin unit? It's always too high every before dinner meal time (250 and above).

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