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My boyfriends fitness channel

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Thank you Blink Fitness for teaming with me so I had a space to film my plus size friendly workout routine! I felt so comfortable here!

Blink Fitness:




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Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Frodo Baggins

    Wow awesome workout keep it up how much is this gym per month?!

  2. Rebecca Gibbs

    Love this! Gonna try this routine moving forward.

  3. Zoraida Hegar Sierva del Señor

    walk daily it will give you that health you want

  4. chiraz azawi

    omg you are sooooooooooooooooo pretty

  5. Starr

    Ohhhhh hunnie bless your heart for sharing rhis video… a exteemw plus woman…i will be starting my journey tomorrow at the gym…and i just ask myself. What to do what and how long do i need to stay on whst machine…bit im gonna copy cat ofd of you..and do 3 sets of 10 everything…upperbody first

  6. Jessy G

    Wow thank you for this video helped me out a lot

  7. fly_die_lofts_456

    I love ur energy. God bless.

  8. gOtHiCaNgElBmE

    I so appreciate your workout as Im.considering leaving Planet Fitness for Blink Fitness . Blink looks like they have better equipment.

  9. Shawntel The Prototype

    Great moves! Keep pushing, follow my page I will be releasing routines also!

  10. JimmyPannawong

    Are you really working out, or just playing with them machines ? You need more then that and bar bell compounds will hit the spot….

  11. pj deltoro

    You should not workout chest ,back and legs in 1 workout

  12. Christina Young

    You are awesome!!! Keep it up!

  13. kateca west

    I'm from Gardena! Is that gym on Redondo and Normandie?

  14. Eddie T

    Blink's location looks really neat and clean! I've been to few local gyms near me here in NYC and they're pretty disgusting. I'm thinking about signing up with Blink and going to their different locations. BTW is this the one on Normandie Ave in Gardena?

  15. Katrina Mcgregor

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  16. Handmaiden Of the Lord

    Thank you for inspiring me today. I’m going to copy your workout.

  17. Aviance Zinae

    Does anyone know the name of the 2nd machine

  18. mnoell35

    Baby girl looks like a beautiful “Weeble Wobble”

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