Bill Dawes – Crunch Fitness (Stand Up Comedy)

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Bill Dawes (@billdawes) works out until he’s gay at the Laugh Factory comedy club in Hollywood, CA, home of the best stand up comedians.

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  1. Sarandon Williams

    🙄 crowds are so sensitive.

  2. FactStorm

    LOL Bill is unique among all comics on LF


    This stand up would be cancelled at the first sentence. Sad times

  4. Armin Khanpour

    Proof that the right prop can enhance a joke

  5. Varun Keshri

    6 years old stand up but a lot better than today's commedion..Great job Man!!👍

  6. Kucang

    I am not gay bro……..what the fine….very funny…..and that G string ……ROFL

  7. Funny AF

    I wasn't expecting that last one 😂😂

  8. Arthur S

    Don't get the wrong idea that Crunch Fitness is a gay gym from this comedy clip. Bill could of simply be exaggerating or making things up for a comedy element. If it's a CA gym, then yeah, it might be gay, Crunch Fitness does have a "No Judgments" slogan similar to Planet Fitness and is a small, cheap commercialized gym, but it is equipped with all the equipment. power rack squat/
    dead lift platforms and lots of free weights like a more hardcore gym and is nothing gay about it.

  9. Angela Lee Burnett aka Rock n Roll Goddess

    If you love this you gotta check out his Drunk Onstar skit and How ti get away w saying the N word

  10. Angela Lee Burnett aka Rock n Roll Goddess

    Bill is the man!!! 😂😂😂😂

  11. camisado

    this dude is fucking hilarious, how am I just discovering him?

  12. SKK gr

    Must be one if the best stand-up bits ever

  13. rene L

    I steered playing that song "I want to break free"

  14. Bella Dumitru

    First time in 2h of watching stand up when I genuinely burst out laughing

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