Best Tummy & Back Fat Exercises – Reduce Back, Abdominal Fat | Zumba Class

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💕 Best Tummy & Back Fat Exercises – Reduce Back, Abdominal Fat .
#MiraPham, #AbdominalFat, #ReduceBack
Today’s workout is guaranteed to help you burn core fat to give you an amazing physique! These exercises will not only help with fat burn, it will also tone your core and back fat for the most amazing results!
Good luck and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪
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  1. Jha Geñosa

    thank you for this video,i follow your aerobics everyday.

  2. Navi McFarland

    Hey confused person here. I'm wondering how does one do what they doing. I mean it looks so simple but when I try it 8t feels weird. What am I doing wrong?


    Very very nice 👍👌👌❤️😘

  4. Study tales and stories

    She is a magician.. Addicted 😍. A real gem for health

  5. Sanjay Sharma

    I love song for this exersice and I am big fan for you


    Hello, I am from India. Thanks a lot for your very valuable session…I lost 3 kg within 10 days. Love you for your classes.

  7. Yogita Sharma

    Hello Mira I really liked this workout session, could you tell me the song name?


    Love this. But can someone help me, whats the title of the song mix with tik tik tak has time passing by …… love it so much but dnt fins it in you tube.😙 thanks

  9. Kirti Sharma

    Hii Mira and other people 😊
    I'm doing this workout since 3 to 4 months I feel good but earlier I feel fat even doing this workout.. I don't know why but my stomach look fat even after doing the exercise .. Can you suggest some advice or tips to get rid of it …. please I really need your advice 🥺🙏

  10. Bondita Gohain

    Dear Mira thank you so much for bringing me back into shape after c section…much flexible now

  11. Инна Архипова

    Подскажите пожалуйста где скачать треки ваших тренировок?

  12. anusha varahala

    This is the best zumba class ever😍

  13. Crisalyn77

    Hi…I have been doing your exercises for 2 months already. I like it. Hoping that I could get rid of these belly fats after giving birth to my two sons.

  14. Anshu Dua

    In a 33 min video,there were 5 ads..
    That was so irritating

  15. Sudha Rani

    I lost my tummy bcz of ur aerobic videos. Thnqqq. Very easy to do

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