Best Home Workout Equipment to Build Muscle for Beginners (2020)

Best Home Workout Equipment to Build Muscle for Beginners (2020)
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Best Home Workout Equipment to Build Muscle for Beginners (2020)

Here are the 5 best home workout equipment you can use to build muscle as a beginner. Start with these, then if you decide to continue doing your workouts at home, you can add to your home gym collection.

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► Resistance Bands:
► Dip Bar:
► Pull-Up Bar:
► Adjustable Dumbbells:
► Adjustable Bench:

► Resistance Bands:
► Dip Bar:
► Pull-Up Bar:
► Adjustable Dumbbells:
► Adjustable Bench:

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Resistance Bands
1:23 Dip Bar
2:40 Pull-Up Bar
3:56 Recap Starter Items
4:18 Adjustable Dumbbells
5:59 Adjustable Bench
7:02 Recap
7:24 Outro

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  1. djlowtek

    I have the same dumbbells, they are awesome.

  2. Chris C

    Thank you for this I’m moving into a studio and don’t have space for big equipment but this will do

  3. Lawrence Dayugar

    I know this video is old, but I have to tell you thank you very much because I wanted to get into working out now that I'm 16 and trying to pursue a career in baseball, and even though I have adjustable dumbbells I wanted to up my workouts more and motivate myself to do better (fun fact I plan on buying this stuff tonight probably) so while I work on my stamina I'll now try to work on my muscle building, from a 16 year old thank you very much 👍.

  4. Josh Lilly

    I would consider 2 or 3 kettlebells instead of dumbbells… I have both but find the unbalanced weight of the kettlebells provide better benefit. A light, medium (2x light) and heavy for farmers carry.

    If wanting to be down cheap initially consider a 5 gallon bucket that you add water to.. water at 8 lbs per gallon would allow from 4 lbs (.5 gal) to 40 lbs (5 gal) with unbalancing effect to work the core muscles including the carry.

  5. Skye Riku

    When you mentioned people falling from the pull up bar I literally bursted out laughing 🤣

  6. Metaldude X

    I like this channel. Too many fitness channels focus on big equipment. I don’t got space for most of that stuff let alone money.

  7. Aero

    Dude you deserve more subs, great content. Keep it up! I'd be happy if you tried slam balls and make a video about them in the future.

  8. CnDubz

    Just spent about 200 CAD on home workout equipment I don’t want to get huge just in a nice toned shape I want to build muscle with calisthenics purchased a pull up bar, ab wheel, whatafit resistance bands, and Parallel bars

  9. Eric C.

    Nice video! I've been building up a mini home gym since the lockdown and I have a version of everything you've mentioned except for the dip bars. Your videos have been very helpful in prioritizing equipment on a limited budget.  

    I've always been paranoid about the pullup bar falling, so what I did is on the upper door frame, I drilled in a couple screws sticking up and out vertically just underneath where the horizontal bar sits so that it can't just slip off the edge of the frame accidentally. Therefore, in order to remove the pullup bar, you have to lift the horizontal bar up over the top of the screws, which is practically impossible to happen accidentally even if you're doing crazy kipping movements. It's mainly for my peace of mind, as I don't think it's ever actually come close to falling while I use it.  But, just mentioning it in case other people avoid using this kind of pullup bar due to the same fears.

    Also, one piece of equipment you might be interested in trying are TRX straps. I use them to do a lot of the things you did with the dip bars, but they also have the added bonus of being more adjustable, compact, and activate more stabilizing muscles. I attach mine to the pullup bar (another reason I wanted to make my pullup bar less fallable) and it's been a lot of fun learning the rings-type calisthenic exercises with them.

  10. Dre Road

    this is great! same list i would recommend with the addition of a jump rope

  11. Car 4 life

    Great video I’m looking into buying adjustable dumbbells right now but they are all pretty expensive

  12. Lightwing

    I haven't looked into it too deeply, but I think you can get the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells for $350 with 18 months finance if you have CareCredit. Might be something to look into.

  13. Bobby

    At core fitness website they have the dumbbells in stock for $350

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