Best Fitness Tracker for 2022 | What other fitness Youtubers use everyday!

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I ask other fitness tech youtubers what is the best fitness tracker for 2022, according to what they currently using.
You’ll notice there is one fitness tracker everyone likes to use and with so many fitness trackers / smart watches on the market it can be a little confusing which fitness tracker you should buy in 2022 for everyday use.

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  1. Sharon Mitchell

    This felt like an extended whoop ad

  2. Rob Will

    It's so annoying choosing something I first tried out a ticwatch returned that move my budget up and got me a Amazfit gts2e and now I am returning this after two weeks and increasing my budget. just bought versa 2 waiting for that to come I just want decent sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, music control, nfc payment, and good notification and lastly it needs to have a very good battery and that's why I don't buy one of the wearos watches

  3. Avianna Reign

    I'm sitting here torn between should I go buy a whoop or was this video just an ad for whoop because I'm at the third guy and it's starting to feel that way🤔 I was about to get a Fitbit I just wanted to make sure it's not the best for an Android user while still being affordable

  4. Connect The Watts

    Nice video! WHOOP for the win 😉

  5. Jaden Sports Tech

    Great video!! Thanks for including me! Love seeing what tech others are using to stay fit these days 👊🏼

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