Best Exercise Equipment for Creative Workouts and Complete Strength

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This video lists some of the best exercise equipment and training tools for getting unique and challenging workouts. The typical “home gym” consists of just a few dumbbells and maybe a barbell. But your workouts can be far more interesting and varied than that if you incorporate exercise equipment like kettlebells, clubbells, training masks, weighted vests, and more!

This post explores some of the most interesting and effective training tools to create more challenging, unique, and exciting workouts. I explain how to get the most from some of these varied tools, and suggest combining the best exercise equipment for really creative workouts.

Let me know what your favourite training equipment is!

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  1. Renny Stopford

    I love your stuff dude! That Get Up looked very dangerous though… maybe a lighter weight is needed? I love how you mix the modalities btw. Keep killing it bro.

  2. Patryk

    You are inspiration to me man keep it going 😀 cheers

  3. Kevin Springer

    Gritin Bands are so cheap and so useful! One of the best purchases I've ever made for home gym

  4. Paul Taylor

    Hi Adam,

    When it comes to core bags and Indian clubs what weight would you recommend?

    I assume the aim is the mobility 1st and foremost over than a really heavy weight?

    What weight is your club?

  5. Peter Mozuraitis

    Gymnastic rings are making my upper body stronger than weights and cables ever had

  6. Bruce Musto

    He's holding a bullworker. At least I think that is what they were called if I remember correctly. I had one when I was a teenager. I'm 62 now.

  7. wallcroft brigs

    This is my favorite video of yours, I wish I could show you mine

  8. dronehomeless

    That giant kettlebell getup was nutty.

  9. Ivan Krylov

    An A.L.I C.E. pack frame with shelf and some compression straps make for a pretty good weight carrier too

  10. Step Ahead with Ernie Rivera

    Dude! Love these videos. I've been using them to get into great shape lately. The inventive workouts keep my workouts nice and entertaining, and get me actually wanting to work out more often 🙂

  11. Puhbaertus Greene

    A Bullworker! Oh my god! 😀 My dad got one of the classic variety way back when he started training to lose some weight he put on because of his office job.

  12. kumbazzz

    Clubs and sledgehammers rotational training helped me with my core a lot after over 15 years of a desk job and no exercise. I started with the lightweight Indian clubs first for about a month or so to condition my shoulders then moved to the steel clubs and sledgehammers as I got stronger. Best thing I did for my health in the last 20 years or so.

  13. Van Damme

    The doctor told me to train with Dumbbells.
    So I signed both my Grannies up to my gym.

  14. Trey Williams

    Kettlebell training is the greatest!!

  15. CodyMange

    I found your channel about a month ago and I watch every single vid. I’ve learned so much and I am making so much progress. Thanks a ton

  16. Josh B

    You answered a comment with this video on another video.

  17. Big Colt

    Was sure you would mention maces.

  18. 9999rockey

    For me sled, sandbag and farmers carry are the best.

  19. steven milstead

    I love your body.. Im not saying that in a sexual way .. its just so fit in such a functional way.. no cartoony muscles.. just really fit and physically beautiful.

  20. berend dijkhuis

    My favourite wierd implement is definetally my anvil. I didnt intend to use it as an implement but i gotta get the thing and its stump out of the shed to my forging space every time i wanna forge. Also hammers. Hammers are great. Exept that i only use em in one hand wich is kinda bad i guess.

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