Best Dessert for Diabetes | Diabetes Dessert Recipes

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Best Dessert for Diabetes | Diabetes Dessert Recipes. Have you been avoiding dessert because you have diabetes? Stop! In this video I am showing you the best dessert recipes for diabetes – sweet treats are no longer off-limits. These easy recipe swaps for diabetes will allow you to eat all the food you love without spiking blood sugar.

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As a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, I know one of the biggest concerns more people face when being diagnosed with diabetes is ‘can I ever eat what I love again?” In this video, I am showing you why dessert isn’t off-limits with diabetes and the best desserts for diabetes.

What foods do you think are the best to eat with diabetes? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Talitha

    Thank you sooo much for the free ebook!! We have type 2 and pre diabetes in our family and I am so happy there are still yummy treats I can make!! You are awesome!!

  2. Guy Solis

    You have great energy, thanks for the video. My wife will love some of these recipes especially since I'll be making them for her…thanks again!

  3. Cheetah Madness

    Can you make the link work again? I want to get the 25 recipes but it's not sending to my email 🥺

  4. Bridget Scheepers

    We cant follow what you saying …you speak too fast

  5. Janet Young

    Cani replace the plain yogurt with a zero sugar vanilla instead?.

  6. Janet Young

    I am looking for a diabetic chocolate chip cookie recipe but the majority of them are saying to sue a sugar substitute but the person I am cooking can't eat them like Sweet and Low or Splenda. I will be using almond flour and butter. Mu question how much a banana do I mash and what is cup measurement to use almond flour.

  7. Zen Zeya

    My mom doesn’t eat anything she loves coz of diabetes. It’s so sad 😞

  8. Precious Tsibuah

    How to make dessert for diabetics

  9. Irma Galvan

    My husband has been avoiding sweets ,but he craves sweets sometimes, what recipes do you recommend???

  10. Alice Lyons

    I love your recipes and your ideas I just Found out that I have problems with my blood sugar and my favorite desserts are pies coconut pie and sweet potato pie do you have an idea of how I can make that with less sugar I was using a substitute for sugar thank you looking forward to hear from you

  11. Wajeeha Shafqat

    Is that E-book is totally free?

  12. Lily Stonne

    Each person's tolerance for carbs is different. The recipes mentioned here may be better for diabetics but they may still not be good enough. The only way to determine whether a food is okay for an individual to eat is to test with a blood glucose meter before and 1-2 hours after eating it. If it raises my blood sugar over 130, I will not eat it again. Beat Diabetes! is an excellent channel to learn how to manage blood sugar. The youtuber and his wife test categories of "low carb" foods with the blood sugar meter. You might be surprised at some of the results.

  13. Tambudzayi Cynthia Zvedi

    Just came across your channel..will.making these for my husband who has type 2 diabetes

  14. Neecie DeGroat

    I saw an orb comes down from the ceiling and go down behind her … around 40 sec mark…

  15. bluesapphire83 b

    Help! I’m avoiding dessert. I’ve been diagnosed with pre diabetes.I would love your ebook, please.

  16. Queen Mimi

    I need to find some recipes for my brother

  17. Patrice Thomas

    I'm diabetic but I'm afraid of eating dessert, can you help me please??

  18. Nadine Ali

    Hi, I make regular desserts, but somebody asked me for desserts for diabetics and I found you ! Will share this with them , thank you fir making this video ❤️

  19. Haley Banks

    Yes I have not been eating dessert

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