Best and Worst Foods for Your Colon

Best and Worst Foods for Your Colon
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Best and Worst Foods for Your Colon

Protecting yourself from colorectal cancer—the third most common cancer in the United States—starts on your plate.

Seven dates a day for three weeks are put to the test in a randomized controlled trial.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. Go Go

    I heard somewhere that you should not eat more than 2 dates a day.. But here, it sounds like it is ok to eat more then 2..?? My problem is I like it so much that if there is no restriction, I can easily eat 10 a day then getting too much sugar I think..

  2. Itza Nonmoose

    I haven't been able to find a date for 3 years.

  3. satsumamoon

    Eat kimchi, saurkraut, kefir, miso, umeboshi. For gut micros. They dont contain sugar or a million carbs .

  4. Philippe Orlando

    Well, I've tried to date, but I don't seem to be interesting to women, so I'm single. Does this mean I'll get colon cancer?

  5. Ethical Phytophage

    By the third date, I am feeling frisky. 😉

  6. Michelle M

    Haha brown smoothie… gross!!! 😅

  7. Black Star

    Dates good sugar bad, nonsense, just don't have sugar on it's in. Mixed with plant foods, smoothies etc

  8. Roberta Lynch

    Thank you for some more great information.

  9. Johnny Banana

    Can over-consumption cause high potassium serum levels?

  10. vikash bhakta

    Unnecessary cruelty to rats. They should test it on human volunteers within ethical limits or just abandon research.

  11. Yoga Love Fitter and Stronger Forever

    Dates make my blood sugar raise. what do you think about that? thanks for sharing your video. I keep an open mind about them, that is why i am asking you this question.

  12. michael D

    Those poor rats…. 2 full turns to see if nuts help twisted nuts

  13. Jeanne Amato

    As medjool dates are almost 70 cal each that’s 490 cal for 7 dates. Does it work for smaller, lower cal. dates?

  14. MitchyMitch

    I noticed they used ajwa dates in the study. Would other varieties of dates such as the common medjool, have the same affect/results?

  15. E. DeVries

    Why are we doing such horrible things to animals when there plenty of pedophiles in prison to twist testicles on

  16. Johny40Se7en

    Win win for me. There's no pleasure as sweet as a big juicy Medjool date covered in peanut butter 😄😜

  17. abranis dz

    Dates sure are good,but unfortunately i feel bad in my colon when i eat em

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