Beginners 4 Week Plan⎟1 Month Training Program

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Welcome to this program designed to help you through the first 4 weeks of the gym, wether you are new to the gym or you just need a boost to keep going, follow this and you´ll be well on your way

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  1. Marwan Samaraey

    This is the best beginner video I've ever seen.. The other ones puzzle you with lots of information.

  2. Ben yahmed Hedi

    should i do this exercices every day for 4 week

  3. A gomez

    going back to the gym today, this is the best beginners video by far. i checked your page tho, how come no more videos? I hope all is well. please make more beginner-intermediate videos

  4. vahid Hemmati

    good video, is this plan good for me ? i am 30 … 187 cm … 67 kg

  5. Ludvig Soeprapto

    Should we do all 9 workouts each day or do we split those into different days?

  6. Adedo Igai

    Ehhmmm i wanted to ask, but first sorry my English is not good cause it was not my native language. So what would I do at week 3 & 4? Because in pdf file in description only had week 1 & 2

  7. gb g

    Hey man does this plan works for skinny guys

  8. nasreen nasser

    Greetings thanks for the video, how about week 3 and 4, shall i repeat week 1 and 2?

  9. Trainer

    As a strength and conditioning specialist setting goals

  10. Abbas Hussain

    Could week 1 be repeated for 4 weeks?

  11. East2WestFan

    This is so helpful, I really appreciate you creating this man, just finished my first week!

  12. Kevin Maxwell

    DUDE! Your program is absolutely amazing, at first I was a bit skeptical about if i would actually make feel like I'm working out but I tried it out and man I am stunned it was my first time in a gym today and I needed a little guidance and you provided just that I can properly start my weight loss journey thanks to you man 🤩

  13. Deh Man

    I searched for this and you didn't disappoint. Thank you.
    2:36 Dumbbell Bench Press
    3:00 Lat Pull Down
    3:37 Overhead Dumbbell Press – Adjust Bench
    3:55 Overhead Dumbbell Press
    4:15 Leg Press
    4:48 Lying Leg Curl
    5:02 Rope Press Down
    5:27 Barbell Bicep Curl (Can use EZ bar)
    6:03 Standing Calf Raise
    6:24 Crunch

    EDIT: You can follow this program for 4-6 weeks, or until you feel comfortable with the whole gym routine. Then, I suggest sticking to the Push Pull Legs routine as I feel that it's the most optimal way to lose weight and burn fat, and it even requires less time per session at the gym.

  14. Wild Cats Life

    Please help me I just start today I walk in treadmill 10 minutes and stair for 5 minutes I’m 115kg 175cm

  15. Andrew Bacha

    Just a question, even though this video is old. For weights, the suggested weights are the lowest?

  16. Anthonio Mawla

    i have a question,
    1)all the exercises mentioned in this video, should be done all per day? and can i exercise every mon-tues-wed-thursday? and rest friday-sat-sun

    2) since my gym is far away from my house like 45-60 mins since it is the only gym, can i eat like 2 apples and banana after workout at the moment and then when i arrive to home ( because i go with bus) i eat something contains proteins and carbs?

    This video is the best ever . i have seen so many positivity in the comments and i downloaded your program from the link!🔥♥️♥️ thank you man and i hope you answer my questions

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