1. Itstamar

    I love how he lost track of count and just went from 6 to 10 lol 😂

  2. Cherrynabel Mansalapus

    hi coach i would love to see u one day 😁😁😍

  3. Michael David

    So much to critic and I’m only a few minutes in to the video. Static stretching pre workout is a NoNo. Why 15 reps why not 14 or 16, How do I select the weight ?
    Why Latt first then triceps (pull moves activate Biceps so surly back and biceps make actual sense.
    The concept fine but the newbie is probably no more educated then before the video.
    It’s a beginner program so why weighted squats with a leg raise, should we teach the squat first then progress as we get confident ?
    8 weeks with 5 movements and no pushing at all, not sure about this.

  4. Annette Genovesi

    This is a super great instructor. He doesn't micro manage nor does he ignore anything. And I especially like how very respectful he is to his trainee. Doesn't touch unnecessary and keeps a proper distance. Thank you. Nice relaxed pace too!

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  6. semaj durden

    I like this video for the beginnings stretches reminder , and the machine to work on you arms and back.

  7. Anora Shula

    Okay let me say this ,I love youuuuu

  8. Anora Shula

    Thanks a lot I really appreciate.i just started gyming and I'm completely lost .This is really helpful

  9. krissy fabz

    love his explanation 💕 really clear 👍👌

  10. 안창수

    When i was in Philippines my PT is a man theres no malicious thinking

  11. kosmox

    Shouldnt we stretch the muscles after they are warmed up and pumped to avoid injuries and avoid weaker muscles before the workout? I think we should only warm up before the workout to prepare the muscle and push more blood in it but strech? Why?

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    We share you as share us

  13. World Nature Video

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. This makes my daily workout more productive and more fun. I enjoyed it alot. Great job

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