Beginner Steel Club Workout

Beginner Steel Club Workout
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Beginner Steel Club Workout

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  1. eamonob84

    Been using KBs for a long time, but just got a 15lb club from Onnit the other day. Been looking for a good beginning workout to do and this will be it. Thanks, coach!

  2. Ragnar

    I do kettlebell stuff and wondered what weight to start at with the steel clubs.
    I'm using 20kg and 28kg kettlebells atm and we sometimes do two handed swings with a 40kg.
    From what I've read it's better to go lighter on clubs, any guidance in weight?

  3. Casey Goold

    Great informative video! Thank you!

  4. Craig Pharaoh

    i hope you doing ok man. this workout has really helped me stay active on lockdown.

  5. Pride of Lions

    I did the pendulum and don’t know how to stop. My wife’s typing this for me.

  6. Mike D.

    What weight club should you start with for beginners?

  7. ahmad elshbasy

    Weight recommendation for a single club workouts ?

  8. Sean Regan

    Could you use just a single weighted club for full body strength training?

  9. Sam B

    What is the difference between macebell and clubbell?

  10. Drackaris

    Thanks, this is great, finally picked myself up a club. When I took it out of the box I immediately thought i should have went 25 instead of 15, but by the end of the pullover press sets i knew 15 was right. These things are killer.

  11. Marco Ortiz

    Very interested in grip training and conditioning so one thing after another and I got here, SUSCRIBED! (BY THE WAY) THOUGH I never saw those steel club in my country so I´ve been using a sledge hammer a few years ago, THANX for all the info

  12. TheDeadDeadsons

    Im about to get into shape for the first time in my life ever. I’m probably going to order a set of these. Form looks super important though. It would really suck to take one of those to the face.

  13. billy butts

    Got my clubs a month ago and finally got myself to try a workout. Hoooly. Thanks for the great tutorial videos!

  14. Empowered Strength

    Great stuff Coach Vaughn!

  15. Drackaris

    Hey coach, I've been dealing with back problems since highschool, and for putting massive amounts of weight on a barbell and squatting, cleaning, deadlifts, all hurt my back too much. I got into functional workouts lately, have a 16kg kettlebell and a 15 lb macebell (which is a bit too heavy for me should have started with 10 I have to put my hands a lot closer to the weight for a lot of the workouts) I just started seriously geting into doing work with these things as I find they haven't hurt my back nearly as much. What weight clubs would you recommend picking up? Also thanks so much for you're videos, very informative in a short time!

  16. Andi Surface

    Hey Coach! I'm really excited to try something new, especially with the benefit for shoulder stability and mobility! I tried the swing today with a 10lb club and it felt awkward, I think because I'm so familiar with a kettlebell. My wrists felt mostly awkward. Is that normal for someone starting out? I'm thinking it means my wrists are tight and will gain mobility through club use. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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