Banned from Lifetime Fitness

Banned from Lifetime Fitness
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My experience as a Lifetime Fitness Personal Trainer

Coach Cyril details his experience in working as a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness during the pandemic.
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  1. Jesse Alvarado

    Did you take LIFETIME to Court for wrongful termination?

  2. Tennis Vidzzz

    You seem like a really calm nice guy. Not getting upset at the gym or your oil leak. I wish I was like that. By the way, you may want to reconsider having Wal Mart do oil changes. If you google it, you'll see why. Anyways, appreciate your video. Thanks.

  3. DRodman Fan

    Is it the lifetime in Sugar Lamd

  4. Christina Protic Motivation

    I work at a Lifetime. I don't think they should have banned you for that lol

  5. Joey Bradley

    they only do 2 year ban had some friends ger fired banned and then got a job again ther even as a trainer

  6. Max Buffamante

    Let me know when your ready to come back.. it’s been plenty long enough now.

  7. wookieebear

    So whoever wants to know how to get out of closing fees with lifetime fitness this is it

  8. Tridium Master

    Oil leaks happen they probably forgot the new crush washer.

  9. Adan Saldivar

    Bro the guys at lifetime broke your truck as get back

  10. MA Milián

    Ah, that's awful but not surprising. Check with corporate to see if there's a note FROM corporate that says something about your ban and if there's an end date.

  11. Sao V

    Smh it sounds like they were butt hurt you left twice. Idk if you did but you should had shown them a doctors note. Nobody in the right mind would be that cruel

  12. Matthew Lahman

    Man what a scam they did on you…this is exactly what’s wrong with the world. They say everything is just supposed to be business but it’s actually’s always personal. It’s about energy / and manipulation / if you don’t conform to their will then there are repercussions.

  13. Bruce Wayne

    I hope you got in a fight or something and it wasn’t for filming or training someone

  14. Jeremy Knowles

    Ah bro…come on bro…tell the whole story bro. Tell the whole story. Come on bro.

  15. Brilliant Truthers

    Came across your video. LifeTime wants to hire me as a trainer at 15 dollars and hour fulltime. Thoughts?

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