Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes: Doctor Live 17th Oct 2013 Part 1ഡോക്ടര്‍ ലൈവ്

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Guest: Dr: N. Jayachandren
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The high glucose level in the blood can actually damage the blood vessels and then leading to compromise blood supply to the affected areas and also this high glucose level in the blood can actually damage the nerves leading to reduced sensations. In such conditions when a minor injury or a trauma happens especially to the foot it can lead to ulcerations and even gangrene what we know what is commonly known as the ulcerative diabetic foot. So such condition has to be managed. So how does we manage this condition is first instance? If you are known diabetic then keep your sugar level under control managing through medicines as well as lifestyle changes. It is better to prevent such condition. Firstly your blood glucose level has to be maintained normally and there should be no fluctuations by taking oral diabetic medicines as well as managing it through lifestyle. The foot in particular of the diabetics has to be cleaned and neatly Maintained. Any minor injury has to be addressed immediately. You need to keep a watch for any redness or swelling or if there is any foul odour coming off a minor wound this has to be managed or addressed immediately. Never wear tight-fitting footwear and the socks also should not be tight fitting and socks in particularly I think the cotton socks is preferred. You stop smoking. Chronic smokers also there will be narrowing of the blood vessels leading to compromise blood supply. How we manage it through ayurveda is these ulcerations are as per the susrutha samhitha is known as the difficult to treat or kashtasaadyavranaas. Initially here the wound is washed or cleaned with panchavakala kashayams or triphalakashayams. These wounds or the ulcers are seen to be lined by the non-healing tissues or the non-healing granulomatous tissues. so we apply and a lepam called as thelapi lepam. This thelapi lepam usually contains medicines like Nimba, haridra,syndhiva, eshtimadhu and various other drug combinations. This when applied is seen to help in removing this granulomatous non-healing tissue and you can see healthy tissues is being replaced. So when this healthy tissues are being seen the next is we do a bandaging with jathyadhi thailam or jathyadhikritham. This ultimately heals the wound. So this way of management of externally along with internally taking medicines like nishakathakadhi kashayam, the kathakakadhikadri kashayam, gulgulathitha kashayam, varnadhi kashayam along with other medicines like triphalagulgulu, dhandhakarasyanam, arogyavardhini all that gives you complete relief to these conditions. Along with that your immunity has to be kept high. All these medicines together will keep you healthy as well as in case of ulcerations help in healing faster than reaching any other complications like gangrene etc.
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  1. Rahul𝟕𝟑𝟎𝟐𝟐𝟗𝟗𝟗𝟑𝟒

    Meri mom ka sugar 500+ rehta tha, Maina 1 Baid ji se Desi Dawa Le sirf 4 month me Diabetes jaad se khatam ho gayi 115 se 120 tak rehta hai, isliya unka Waasup n he de diya yha maina apna nam ka sath,,,

  2. Mina J Hooper

    I want to personally take time out to appreciate Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel for the herbs medication I ordered from him in curing my type two Diabetes

  3. the forgotten tales *

    Very helpful tips! Planet Ayurveda's herbal remedies of diabetic neuropathy are also very effective.

  4. Sreeram Kbakshi

    From where to get. Pls give address

  5. Jemnum Dauda

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  7. Sandhya Jadhav

    Neuropathy in my legs please help me

  8. Clinton Barbosa

    Type 1 diabetes can be treated and cured permanently but only few believe it, but I was among those who never believed it until dr udoka on YouTube cured me completely

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    What is the total cost for this treatment

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