Athlete's foot (Tinea pedis) – Patient Education video

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Tinea pedis (athlete’s foot)
Epidemiology: Most common tinea infection
Clinical features by type: Interdigital (most common): chronic, pruritic, erythematous scaling and erosions between the toes

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  1. Isaac Perez

    Try table salt paste or sea salt between toes while wearing socks. Should see results immediately after days work

  2. Aondoakaa mathew

    Meeting you Dr igho channel on YouTube is like meeting GOD himself because, what you did in my life is what no other doctor can't do, Thank you for Dr igho for helping me Eradicate Athlete foot naturally, you are a life saver! may God bless you

  3. Emil

    i got these symptom for about 4 months now, i use cream 2times/day and i still cant get rid of these, maybe i got diabetes or something?

  4. Reginald Forman

    You can get rid of AF in a day or 2 with a dog around.

  5. Julian the random person

    Kid don't u want to free your feet after chring your athletes foot?

  6. F-zero91maru

    Is it normal i find this attractive on women i don’t see the disgust of AF.

  7. Sameehan Sahasrabuddhe


  8. Knowledge Bytes

    Mam, how are you making these videos. Can you please tell me?

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