1. Voicist

    Title: How can I tell if I have athlete's?
    Content: How to treat athlete's foot

  2. YanClinton Lucas

    Should name it army's foot..

  3. Kevin Cloud

    Mine is just red and itchy no cracking of skin at all

  4. 63fourtree McKoneHoelzel

    Yea he never said how you know. But I do .my foot gets real dry and omg the itching is horrible at least my was . I scratch so much I was up one night 4 hours scratching in between toes toes dry cracking skin . Mine was a nightmare .my Dr told me change socks 2 times a day . Wash feet once a day and dry and use a moisturizer .I did this 2 years now . I use to get it a lot he said moisture in sock feet cause it it's a fungus. I will say it was hell. Yes I did go to a foot Dr. Bc I couldn't take it and I used otc foot athletic .I would say name but not sure I can on utube

  5. English Bulldog

    So that didn’t teach anything of how can I tell

  6. cameron lorenzo

    U told us how to
    Fix it not how to tell if u have it smh

  7. Yo-yo

    Young living oregano oil, thyme, frankincense did the trick for me

  8. caramelhoney29

    The Tinactin spray (not the powdered kind) works for me.

  9. Random Potato

    I don’t think that answered the question lol

  10. Jeffrey Burney

    I use rubbing alcohol. It kills it with 1 to 2 applications

  11. C B

    This video doesn't tell you how you can tell if you've got athlete's foot…

  12. Luis Leal

    It’s not about curing it, curing it is ridiculously easy. The problem with athletes foot is that it comes back easily and mostly because you get it again exactly the same way you got it in the first place. It’s kinda like going on a crash diet for 90 days and loosing a ton of weight, and then going back to the same diet you had before. You’re going back to square 1 very soon. So if you want to cure athlete’s foot permanently, you have to find a more hygienic routine that you will keep for the rest of your life. Washing your feet with soap diligently once a day everyday will help you out a bunch, but twice a day will 100% guarantee you won’t ever have to deal with it again.

  13. leg press

    I find direct sunlight kills it. I also use a uv light to identify it. It shows up bright orange. Its a nasty infection. Slack off 1 time and it comes back. Lots of sunlight and some lotramin and you should be fine. Uv kills it. So a uv light at the area also gets rid of it.

  14. merida

    please teach us how to pur culture the athlete's foot fungi (t.rubrum) for research purposes

  15. Potatotenkopf

    16k views and 2 comments including mine, wtf

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