Ask the Expert: Everything You Need to Know About Diabetic Macular Edema

Ask the Expert: Everything You Need to Know About Diabetic Macular Edema
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Ask the Expert: Everything You Need to Know About Diabetic Macular Edema

πŸ‘€ Expert Insights on Diabetic Macular Edema: Your Ultimate Guide! Don’t Miss the Valuable Knowledge! #EyeHealth #DiabetesAwareness

For patients with diabetes, diabetic macular edema is one of the leading causes of vision loss. In this video, Dr. Eric Chen discusses how over time patients with diabetes develop diabetic macular edema, which is the swelling of the central part of the retina because of bad or fragile blood vessels. The good news is that now we have very good treatment for this disease.

Our best recommendation in the end is that you get the best advice from a group of professionals who have been willing to revolutionize your diabetes situation and give you the opportunity to radically improve your health.

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How is an OCT used for Macular Edema

Dr. Sarah Pinkhasov from Amplify EyeCare Manhattan discusses symptoms, causes, and how an OCT can be used to diagnose and treat macular edema. Medical conditions that can lead to macular edema include diabetic retinopathy, high blood pressure, macular degeneration Or any disease condition damages the blood vessels in the retina. OCT stands for optical coherence tomography. The OCT can also be used to monitor any progression of macular edema or to see how the patient is responding to treatment.

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  1. Alisha Stephanie 🌹


    I came across doctor iyhere YouTube channel and I used dr iyhere herbal medications and it cured me completely from Angioedema and swelling of the eyes………………..

  2. 羅積康

    Don't make bullshit statement.

    Western medication forever can't effectively treat and reverse diabetic macular edema.
    Why? Excessive glucoses in the blood can't be brought into cells for use.

    Only God's mercy nano-grade eye drops should be the last-ditch treatment for
    diabetic macular edema. Why? Excessive glucoses in the blood can be brought into
    cells for use and retinal stem cells, i.e. Muller glia, can be triggered for

    All glory belongs to God !

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