American Diabetes Association cautiously endorses low carb

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The American Diabetes Association once again endorses low-carb nutrition as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. This is a great vote of confidence helping people see that low-carb and keto are not “fad diets.” Quite the opposite. They are proven treatments for diabetes and metabolic disease.
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Hope S. Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, is a nationally recognized dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Hope reveals secrets to eating healthy with diabetes including what to eat, practical shopping, and meal planning from Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy.
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  1. Charlie Morrison

    Low carb diet is the wrong way to manage diabetes. I eat a high carbohydrate low fat fruit-based diet and my A1C is 4.5, and I am a diabetic.

  2. gamesaq

    Been on Keto for 3 years now (lost 100+ pounds) with the occasional high carb day (social stuff) and all blood work is great. triglycerides 48, A1C 4.9 and blood glucose 84. had to up my salt intake though because my blood pressure is usually under 95/70, don't mind the salt lol. It's easy to get your vegetables in, I eat a ton of leafy greens.

  3. Will Smith

    The ada is not pushing a low-carb diet. They're pushing you to eat carbs and sugars and control your diabetes with medication such as insulin injection. Feel free to look at their website.

  4. Jim M

    I believe that the ADA is a corrupt organization that has been giving horrible advice for years and that advice is destroying lives. To me this information about the ADA moving in a new better direction simply shows that they are being forced to by brave doctors willing to risk everything by presenting the real facts about insulin and what it really does in our bodies. The proof is easy to see by so many reversing diabetes by dietary change. I am one of those people and once I read the Obesity Code by Jason Fung MD it changed everything. I then understood the problem and that made the solution straight forward and simple. You can fix your body, it is not too late.

  5. Yuvansh Hire

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  8. Mommy LC

    keto save my life from mild stroke survivor 👍👍👍 please hug back my channel 😊🙏

  9. Serounian Keir

    Thanks, Tracy Brown, new CEO of the ADA and herself a diabetic who practically conquered diabetes with a low carb diet. You're going to postpone a lot of deaths.

  10. UnseenEntity

    I've been eating near zero carbs for a year now. Best I've felt in over 20 years. Down 112 lbs so far. A1C back to normal. Fatty liver gone, edema gone. Blood work fantastic. Is it sustainable? You fraking bet!

  11. Robert Kavaler

    Previously the ADA recommended 135-250g of carbs per day. So now they endorse down to 20g of carbs? Or is something else going on?

  12. Kay

    The CEO of ADA is Type 2 diabetic and found on her ‘own’ that low carb foods is what helped her get off insulin and 3 of 4 pills of which she hopes to get off the 4th by end of the year. She is the FIRST Diabetic CEO of the organization in 80 years! She is trying to steer a huge steamer so it may take awhile to turn it around.

  13. Muscles and Veggies Nutrition Coaching

    My former client Tracy Brown the CEO of ADA is all for Keto. 2 years ago I got her to put butter in her coffee and eat keto. She is doing her best to get Keto and low carb on their recommendations unfortunately we know Washington has it's own issues when it comes to conforming to the truth. This is a big step for ADA, go Tracy go💪

  14. Artsie Crafty

    The blood of millions of people is on their hands. They have lied to and suppressed information from patients. They are guilty of the demise of millions of diabetics. Someday this truth will come out and there will be trials. No one is above the law.

  15. Dylan

    They are pretending to be credible. They are actually mad that they will lose their income base.

  16. Take Off Your Blinkers

    Yeah, a vegan diet is really easy to follow and maintain.🤦‍♂️ Yet they endorse that with no problems.
    What was that failure rate on a vegan diet again?

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  22. Fidelkva

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  23. a morenita

    Why is this video still up. That's toxic info.

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  25. Hadiza Adamu

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