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See how EZFacility’s all-in-one gym management software can streamline the daily operation of your gym, health club, personal training center, or fitness business. From membership management and trainer/class scheduling to your own custom mobile app, EZFacility has everything your business needs to be successful.

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The Vsique Push Up Training Grips can be utilized to build a Push-Up Challenge in your local work out community!

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The Vsique Push-Up Training Grips are the world’s first Patent-Pending Push-Up Trainers designed to utilize Progressive Overload to help you build strength slowly and steadily. The Vsique is ergonomically designed for all ages and athletic levels because of its design ingenuity to virtually eliminate wrist, neck and lower back pain.

Compact, lightweight, and hand made from all natural wood materials with no metal or plastic, making it the ideal workout equipment to be stored and taken with you anywhere! This versatility allows you to perform your push-ups at the gym, at home, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the office, at the airport and on various surfaces like the floor and countertops!

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