Akshay Kumar's Fitness Mantras for a Fit India | GOQii Play Exclusive

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Watch India’s health coach Akshay Kumar take the Fit India pledge and share his fitness mantras on exercise, diet, sleep and much more in this exclusive LIVE video conversation with GOQii Players.

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  1. GOQii

    What was your favourite health advice given by Akshay? Comment below!

  2. Dhruv Maheshwari

    Akshay kumar and vidyut jamwal pr biopic banni chahiye !!!


    Akshay sir your so inspiration for all

  4. Gaurishankar Atkare

    I am very very big fhen sar

  5. Suman Navale

    Thank you so much Akshay ji.. given us good… advise.. keep on going give more advises… Tqs again…. Love you…

  6. Mahima Chawla

    Nice very nice said 😘😘😘

  7. Jay and Alisha ki masti


  8. anju pal

    Sir main aap ki bahut badi fean hu

  9. V

    If you realy want to do something so you do if you not want to do so you find excuses and the i not have time to exercise is the biggest excuse😉i am right

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