ageDEFY Movement Therapy Flow to Keep You Feeling Young

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Stay feeling young with this AgeDEFY Movement Therapy beginner flow. This class is lead by Dawnelle Arthur, a renowned yoga and fitness instructor who faced a debilitating injury and created this movement system to recover.

AgeDEFY is movement health and injury prevention wrapped up into one fluid and non-stop movement practice.

Everyone can benefit from movement therapy. You don’t need to be old, injured, or at any certain level in your current fitness regimen. AgeDEFY Movement Therapy is for all ages, all backgrounds, and all levels.

If you feel older than your age, AgeDEFY is for you. Youth isn’t the absence of wrinkles, not the gray in your hair, and not the number of your years. Youth is how young you feel and how mobile your body is.

It’s never too late to get your youth back. AgeDEFY is perfect for the aging athlete, injured yogis, and anyone who suffers from chronic pain and stiffness and/or feels older than their age.

The more you move, the healthier you become and the younger you feel.

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  1. iou

    IAm40 yo and enjoyed it so much so helpfull waiting for more thank you.I could not find similar video or other videos with same coach ? She is sotothe point ❣

  2. Desiree Adrian

    This went really well, I appreciate the gentle pace.
    Are there any other precautions or modifications for a person with joint hyper mobility and instability? I have EDS, CCI and Degenerative Disc Disease in my cervical spine. I need to strengthen my muscles to hold my joints together, but conventional workouts are too much and painful.

  3. esraa ah

    I am 23 and I really enjoyed it, really needed to move my thoracic spine

  4. Rpreggie

    24:13 you will snap your knee. Get a black dance teacher, or Latino. White folks move like cyborgs.

  5. Christy Prusia

    Just found this…. simply amazing and great instructor! 🙌🏻

  6. Irma Mutuc

    I'm turning 60 this year. I've been doing yoga for years but I love these movements. I plan to introduce them to my husband (he's not an exercise fan) and hopefully get him moving. Thanks!

  7. maria alejandra cardozo

    This routine helped me a lot 🙂 thanks soooo much <3

  8. D Lav

    Awsome! Plan on doing this everyday , along with Ashtons yoga. Great job n thank you.

  9. Felicia Rizeq

    Fantastic session that I’ve been searching for many years. I’m a young 60 yo and doing this exercise grounded my flexibility. I love love this class and thank you.

  10. Hagar Heather Talmon

    This is WONDERFUL. Thank you, so so much. My joints are cracking all the time, and this helps. do you have any reccomendations for something else that might help as well?

  11. Daniela Canticas

    I LOVED this!! Thanks!!! You made my weekend 🙂

  12. H Samrai

    Thank You from the bottom of my heart for this video… I have really been struggling with anxiety since a personal trauma… At the end of the video I started to cry because I realised I had lost a lot of myself the past few months. I will continue doing this as frequently as possible to find myself again 💕

  13. Amanda Smith

    Spoiler Alert: She never gets on the mat. XD

  14. Kremena E

    hey, thanks, it was beautiful 🙂 I would like to mention smth though- it is easier and more natural to breath in when u unfold and to breath out when u fold the body in general

  15. Benkomir

    I felt great doing this! Thank you so much, Dawnelle!

  16. Stefania Montemurro Yoga

    Loved everything ^^ Great job here! Thanks for sharing this!

  17. Sue EVANS

    I really enjoyed this. I"m going to do it regularly . thank you
    So you have any more flows like this?

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