Advice for the newly diagnosed diabetic cat

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Dr Magnifico gives advice on what to do, what to ask and how to help get your cat cured from diabetes mellitus. This is all about how to understand the treatment options and plans available to you. Talking points to discuss with your vet
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  1. Abigail Pena

    this describes my cat TOO accurately, I literally thought he was just a hungry cat and didnt see the other signs as weird just as his personality and what he likes 😭 I reallly hope he'll be okay

  2. transportabelle

    Diabeetus. There, I said it.

  3. Joe Chrastecky

    Thank you I found out today my cat is diabetic so I'm looking for all advice on this situation Thank you.

  4. Ysxydx

    My cat ‘s GLU is a little high . She is underweight and eats a lot , the vet told me to give her a low protein food 15% or less. but you’re saying high protein? What do I do ? . how can I get her to gain weight? + she had a tumor removed 7 months ago it was spreading in the tissues so they had to take some of the tissue out which is why she is probably extra skinny . Can Someone help me ?

  5. Gio C

    My cat has diabetes. He had cancer and had to have a leg amputation, and though he is headstrong and does still get about, this have probably exacerbated his condition.

    Took him to the vets and they did a blood fructose test and came back 705, at this level, insulin is a must.

    I have altered his diet completely, extremely high protein, organic chicken that I cook, and certain high quality cat foods (though I add more protein) and three weeks later, his blood fructose test was 657. Still extremely high, but heading in the right direction.

    Working with one of the top nutritionists over here (a friend) and they have been putting a lot of time in as this has to be adapted (different requirements) for a cat and not a person.

    I will come back in a few weeks and give his next blood fructose level.

  6. jonn lennox

    HiThere are veterinarians who say that feathers for human use are not suitable for cats or dogs because they have different skin. What do you think of that? Does your kitty absorb insulin without problems? When you massage it, there is nothing left on your fingers? and I see that you also withdraw the needle quickly, is it not necessary to wait a few seconds? What measures is the needle?Kind regards

  7. SickDick OP

    Indoor male cats that are orange? That’s my friends cat that has diabetes

  8. Holly Kurmis

    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge, unfortunately, it’s shot out so quickly I don’t know how anyone could retain it all

  9. Edgar

    My cat has been diagnosed with diabetes 😕

  10. Megan Chalkley

    My cat has diabetes but he doesn't seem to be responding which is really worrying me, I hope he his ok xxx

  11. joan baczek

    My cat is indoor black male 8 years old and now has insulin resistant diabetes and in icu. He was never over weight all muscle

  12. Eva From Wall-E

    My cat has just been diagnosed with diabetes.

  13. MissVictoriasys

    my cat was diagnosed today with diabetes. she has been drinking her bowl dry everyday and not eating much. her bg was over 500 today

  14. Chris 888

    How about dogs? Same to turn around?

  15. Donna D in Miss

    My cat was just diagnosed . I’m not sure how old she is. She’s a rescue . How blood sugar was 300. She was hungry all the time . Saturday she started refusing food . I thought it was , because we put her on a new food . She lost weight very fast . Today is Tuesday . The vet says she will have to be on insulin the rest of her life . He sold me some high price dry food . Said , nothing about can food . I hope what you say is trys, and it dan be controlled by dirt abs exercise . She was an out side cat until 4 months ago . Never has any issues . She did gain a lot of weight . He gave her a insulin shot , and she perked up . She still not eating much . Help

  16. Jayden Productions

    Same with me I had keystones and my Bloodsugar was AT 517 but now I am ok I have dieabeetes

  17. joan baczek

    My black cat is at 300 glucose not over weight soft food gave him diarrhea and it was vet recommended soft food so what now!!! I put him back on his dry food “core” which is high protein low carb but his sugar level just won’t go down!

  18. Noah

    Maybe the reason it’s mostly male orange housecats ending up this way is because Garfield normalized (or even popularized) orange cats being fat and lazy, and owners may be less likely to take action in time due to their perception.

  19. Sierra Collins

    I'm watching this video be ause I think my cat might be diabetic, I hope that she isn't at that its something that is small and curable.

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