Advice For Aspiring Personal Trainers In Today’s World

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In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “I am interested in working in the fitness field. I had planned to change careers, but I recently had a child. I’m nervous to gamble on a new career path in my current situation, but am very passionate about fitness. Is it possible to start it as a side hustle to safely test the waters? Or am I stuck till I grow a pair and jump in with two feet?”

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“Advice For Aspiring Personal Trainers In Today’s World“
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  1. Kevin C Byrket

    True. 25% will not be back. After 42 yrs know this.

    1. Move outdoors not just indoors.
    2. Create a proprietary method of training that is a market disruption
    3. Do NOT be the star of your practice. Create the model and train others to provide your beliefs and culture.

    4.Work on your business not in your business. Do not to create a job for your self that is dependent upon you every day.

    5. Become a lifestyle brand. Partner with marketing geniuses.

  2. crazytheologian

    This was so good. Thank you! 🙏👊🏼

  3. The Seed of Life

    Well said man that first part was beautifully said.

  4. Talesha Johnson

    Best podcast on YouTube!!!!!!

  5. Patrik Smith

    Love your guy’s podcast, just found you guys this week and can’t believe the wealth of information I have at my disposal now! Keep it up!

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