ABCs of Kidney Disease | Treatment Options for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

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Nephrologist Dr. Sumeksa Thavarajah discusses treatment options for chronic kidney disease.
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  1. Bikash kumar Gaire

    Hlo sir what do u mean by CI my kidney creatinine is 1.11 and CI is 1.14 so I know creatinine but CI means I don’t know so verry sad sir

  2. Julius Benjamin

    Am so grateful to DR RORPOPOR HERBAL on YouTube for curing my kidney problem with he's herbal remedies just within 21 day's of using God bless you 🥰

  3. Matt Fletcher

    My GFR went from 95 in 2018 down to 72 in 2022. No mention on alcohol in this video??? I read one study from 2021 that moderate alcohol consumption actually improves kidney function?

    When my GFR started dropping my Dr. asked me how much alcohol I drank but never mentioned the Omeprazole he had me on…..LOL WTH. A few years ago, I started eating KETOish to cut out the carbs and ate more fat and protein, my BP did improve, I don't need my Amlodipine anymore. I work out, am slim and trim. Now I guess I stop taking Omeprazole and cut back on the protein. I feel like I am running out of things to eat!!! Glad I read the posts here, never knew that Omeprazole can hurt kidneys. You really have to do your own investigation, be your own Dr. in a way. Dr.s are not as invested in your health as you are.

  4. Dan C

    Anyone in their late 20s or early 30s with CKD?

  5. Lima 685

    Ok I have thyroid and kidneys problem, what kind of food should I eat. Seems like the food that’s good for kidney is not good for thyroid or vise versa

  6. Island Real Estate & Property Management, Inc.

    Thanks for your help in the video

  7. Charlie Sourire

    Me: likely has had kidney issues my entire life
    Also me: my diet mainly consists of lean, high protein meats, dairy, tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, orange juice 🥲
    Also also me: having to use food pantries so most of my food is shelf-stable canned goods

  8. MrEbose

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  9. Etinosa Gideon-Mungwa

    Medication medication You tried in your presentation .


    Thanks for the science. There is so much pseudoscience out there.

  11. Diana Ferreira

    I was suffering from similar issue in the past,but I'm glad it has been fixed

  12. Nasriu Adeiniy Kasumu

    I was suffering from similar issue in the past,but I'm glad it has been fixed

  13. nsksnzjxjx

    Although globulins are small molecules, why do they pass into the blood without being filtered from the kidneys?
    I really need the answer to this question

  14. Fred Mary

    I'm glad and happy that i was able to get rid of my herpes virus with the herbs and roots that Dr Ben Uda gave me, meet Dr Ben Uda for herbal medicine.

  15. Millie Megel

    This doctor is amazing , she explained pretty much everything you should know about your kidneys
    Thanks 😊

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