A1C is a Good Predictor of Many Diseases

A1C is a Good Predictor of Many Diseases
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A1C is a Good Predictor of Many Diseases

Check out this interesting data on A1C.

0:00 What is A1C?
1:38 High A1C and disease
3:40 How to improve A1C
5:09 Share your success story!


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A1C is a really good predictor of all sorts of diseases. An A1C test is a test that gives you feedback on your average blood sugars over 2-3 months. It measures glycated hemoglobin. Glucose that has stuck to the protein in red blood cells creates glycated hemoglobin. The quantity of sugar and protein combining together will raise your A1C.

In my opinion, the A1C test is better than a one-time glucose test because it tells you what’s happening over a period of time. I also believe that high A1C is basically caused by a high-carb diet.

There are many disease processes that can occur when you have high A1C. This is because high sugar can create a lot of oxidation and problems with all sorts of tissues.

But, there are four main tissues that high glucose effects:
1. Combination of the brain and nervous system
2. The kidneys
3. The eyes
4. The arteries

How to help improve A1C:
• Reduce complications from glycation (take fat-soluble vitamin B1 in the form of benfotiamine)
• Reduce carbs
• Reduce frequency of eating (intermittent fasting)


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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand A1C.
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  1. Dan Meininger

    Hello – You advise is excellent. ~ 5 years ago uring cataract surgery, following over-night fasting, she tested my my glucose at 385 mg/dl!

    ~ A couple months ago, I started intermittent fasting, cut out bread & pasta 🙁 . My most recent A1c was 58 mg/dl an I've lost midsection fat.
    I eat culmiferous vegetables, assorted nuts & peanuts, eggs & avocadoes primarily with 1
    slim-fast minlk shake (11 oz) split between breakfast & late afternoon lunch…no formal dinner but often a small snack avoiding sugar & carbohydrates. Less carbs / sugars seems to increase mental clarity ( I'm 69 1/2 years old / 6 ft. 1inch tall / 153 lbs.

    Thanks for your videos!

    Dan M.

  2. Pretty Octopus

    My success story – the denver va* diagnosed me with sarcoidosis. They didn't have my biopsies, they based it on a ct* scan with hilar adenopathy I said, "they are crazy" and started watching your videos. I think it is either hemolytic anemia or hemachromatosis because I have liquid mchc, mcv and low transferrin. It could all have been EBV or a dental issue too.

  3. Keith Downs

    I’ve been watching Dr. Bergs Now for a few years and have lost over 80 pounds. I am a diabetic and my A1c has gone up to 11.1. What was the name of that supplement other then B1 and how do you spell it

  4. Gili Anna

    I wanna tell you that I think you are just great the way you explain things and basically letting people know about what to do about things in bullet points. I don’t have a success story to give you but here’s the one that I have to share is that listening to things that you say and how you explain them you take away a lot of stress and worry from me. And this I super appreciate.

  5. gloria houlne

    Question about benfotomine and bld pressure, mine is a bit high and I don’t want it to get worse. But I hear it can make it go up. Is this true?

  6. Zay

    Is nutritional yeast still good enough to get your vitamin b1?

  7. Shailja Kant Tripathi

    Thank you…Love❤ From India

  8. Girish Dhavalikar

    Is A1C test is differ for fasting and nonfasting

  9. virtuoso DM

    Dr Berg is the absolute best Doctor I've found on social media, He actually wants to help people

  10. Jeana Borm

    My ears have been ringing for a few years, and lately it is louder. I have watched some of your videos and learned I need to get sugars under control. Do you have a complete list of all the vitamins and minerals that a man or woman should be taking? I really need a sound place to reference. Thank you so much for the work you are doing!! I share your video with family and friends.

  11. Minarose

    Can you list which supplements to take plz I couldn’t understand what he said

  12. Sierra Chang

    Does this apply to type one diabetics???

  13. Songbird Channel

    My blood work showed my A1C dropped from 5.8 to 5.3 after I did IF and KETO. All thanks to Dr. Berg! Many thanks!

  14. Emma Emse

    My A1C is always 4,6. I test at least 2x a year.

  15. Hamida B

    My doctor told me I have diabetes as my blood sugar is 100 ? But is it diabetes or Prediabetes?

  16. Martha E. Martinez

    COLLOIDAL SILVER fixed my slightly elevated A1C also fixed recurring yeast infection & bladder leak…

  17. Bryan Sipes

    Good content. As I told my doctor yesterday; I like to understand how things work in the body. I had switched doctors two months ago. (My previous doc showed no interest in helping me improve.) In just two months, I have dropped my A1C from 7.6 to 5.9. Much of it has to do with diligence and discipline in what and how much I am eating. I have lost 9 pounds and two inches off my waist. I am sleeping better. I am not sluggish. Regarding the B1; I am using a Vitamin spray that delivers B1, B6 and B12 under my tongue. BTW, yesterday my doctor took me off two meds, Amaryl (diabetes) and lisinopril (high BP). I go back for another A1C check in two months. He said at the end of our visit that "I made his day".

  18. S C

    My A1C is 5.8 on august, so decided to do keto and IF after watching so many of the video on this channel. start weight is 212lbs, and now on november my weight is 180lbs, so i lost about 32lbs but my last test show elevated A1C to 6.1, i cut all sugar and flour, eat very low carb, alot of vegetables, good protein and fat. But why my A1C go up even higher? Anyone with the same issue?

  19. Lambert Klein

    My A1C was 5.3 last time. Is that okay? I thought it may be lower since I don't eat sugar and lower my carbs.

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