A Week in my Life with Type 1 Diabetes | Bella Bucchiotti

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A Week in my Life with Type 1 Diabetes | Bella Bucchiotti

Today I take you along with me to show you what a week with me is like as a TYPE 1 DIABETIC! My week in my life vlogs shows you the behind the scenes of what it is like to have T1D diabetes. You will see my FreeStyle Libre sensor and insulin pump as well as dosing insulin.


Please leave any questions or comments below and I would love to hear from you!

If you measure your blood glucose in different units, use this handy converter http://www.onlineconversion.com/blood_sugar.htm

If you are looking for other diabetes vlogs, check out Michelle Lord for some great content. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAaImwzx0e7zPUaylejt3Tw

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Today is World Diabetes Awareness Day so to help raise awareness we’ve partnered with our friends at Glooko to bring you a day in the life of a Type One Diabetic. #sponsored

You can learn more about the Glooko App at www.Glooko.com

See what Aspen’s day is like dealing with glucose levels, finger pricks, insulin pumps and everything that goes along with this life threatening disease. She changes her Omnipod insulin pump and her Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

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  1. Kristines Korner

    i am type 1 too… i am on 1 unit per 15 carbs..
    i have a problem with not being able to gain my weight back.. how do u manage weight? since T1 has weight loss.. i nneeeeeed to gain weight .. any suggestions??

  2. Sid Paliwal

    I have type 1 diabetes it’s frustrating sometimes

  3. Diya Patel

    love your energy and yep love to see a fellow diabetic sharing their experience!!

  4. Kabanyomozi Ruth Promise

    Just got diagnosed and tryna figure everything out bjt this was helpful Thanks

  5. Fiddly fidgets

    I use insulin pens for my diabetes

  6. Katerina Brim

    This video gave me so much happiness! I am huge on an active lifestyle and this showed that it is still possible! I was diagnosed just last week. 23 Years old.

  7. star squad

    Thanks for your help I'm getting a lebra and I was wored how big or small the needle💉 was now I'm ready to go get it done

  8. khaern yong

    Hey, thank you for the video! Watching it to learn more about T1DM, you've really done a great job! I've a question here is that do you put your phone near to the sensor to get the glucose reading?

  9. SpadeHAZE

    The greatest feeling is when your pump and cgm end the same day near night time. One of the few times you get to take a shower without any T1D stuff on.

  10. Armoured Frog

    Great Video! I was planning to get an insulin pump myself but cannot decide with so many options. I have been using insulin pens since I was born (22 yrs almost 23), dont think I will ever meet anyone who has had diabetes as long as me.

  11. Owen Baligod

    Does the needles hurt or u get used to it over time?

  12. Elif

    Ahahaga my life is not like this lol. 😄 my life is so bad bec i have diabetes haha i have it like for 12 years i have scars everywhere lol .

  13. Williams Clara

    Use Dr Aluda herbal medicine, very effective and powerful, it works fine for me, no side effects it will help you get rid of your Diabetes type 2 fast..dr Aluda on YouTube

  14. *KawaiiCookies*

    Omg I’m so glad I can relate to someone with T1D I wanted to know what pump you have?

  15. Siubhan Ward

    Wow wow. Ok I’m getting an insulin pump soon, thought I was, not gonna lie, very clued up. Did you just have to push the needle/cannula for your insulin pump in yourself?! Don’t most have a little device that launches it in kinda like the libre?

  16. Amaya Collie ( Student )

    hii im 12 and i was wondering if you have the insulin pump for a special reason because i wanted to get one

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