A DAY IN MY LIFE WITH GESTATIONAL DIABETES | what i eat, yoga, exercise + healthy habits

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A DAY IN MY LIFE WITH GESTATIONAL DIABETES | what i eat, yoga, exercise + healthy habits

Unlock the Secrets to Managing Gestational Diabetes! Discover My Daily Routine: What I Eat, Yoga Poses, Exercise Tips & Healthy Habits. Get Inspired Today! A DAY IN MY LIFE WITH GESTATIONAL DIABETES | what i eat, yoga, exercise + healthy habits

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This video is about the diet I followed in my pregnancy to control high sugar levels in my blood. I have tested positive for glucose tolerance test in 7 th month and it’s must to control sugars through diet. otherwise there is a risk of premature delivery or overweight gain of baby. I hereby followed particular diet which I have shown in the video.
Diabetic persons can also follow this diet to control their sugars. I hope the new mom’s and gestational diabetic mom’s may relate this video and can control sugars by my diet.

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The content shown in the videos is based on my personal experience and not taken as professional advice.

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Our best recommendation in the end is that you get the best advice from a group of professionals who have been willing to revolutionize your diabetes situation and give you the opportunity to radically improve your health.

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  1. G A B B I A G U A Y O

    Hello friends! I hope this video helps many of you with GD, if you have any questions or tips leaving here so we can all help each other 🫶🏻

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  2. Amber Trevino

    AWWWWW i love how affectionate Gabe is!!!

  3. Nancy García

    Yo te veo desde hace tiempo ❤ y saber q estabas embarazada me emociono jiji ya que despuésito me entere q andábamos en las mismas JAJA solo que este es mi segundo embarazo ❤ ya tendré dos niñas
    FpP : a finales de marzo ❤️ aver qué tal nos va
    Cuídate mucho y que bonita pansita te veo mucho por Instagram 🥺

  4. Maria Sanchez

    I remember when I was diagnosed with GD as a first time mom I was always craving sweets, my numbers during the day were great but my fasting number was always high only twice did I have it low ☹️ and I couldn’t figure out why or how to keep it low if I was eating healthier

  5. Mrs.k

    Your videos are comforting
    I truly enjoy watching your videos your going to be a great mom 🙂



  7. Magali Serna

    Are you gonna show us little shrimp when his born ? 😍🤭

  8. Onalerona Leepile

    Do u mean u are obsessed with bad bunny😂

  9. Fendi

    Girl I am amazed by how big your belly is cause ur little. It’s cute. My first I was 99lbs and I had a belly but it was little people would always say omg ur so small even my doctor was concerned about my baby being small. We are all so different. Now my son is 7 and so tall I’m 5’5 and he’s almost the same as me and wears size 5y shoes!

  10. Ana Garcia

    Hi! What paper towels do you use to dry your face after cleansing? ❤

  11. Alejandra 🌸

    Peanut butter with apple is a very common snack. I’m surprised people thought that was like a random craving

  12. Alejandra 🌸

    I had GD as well with my 3rd pregnancy. I was sad at first but It helped me on the end. I was actually loosing weight while the baby was gaining. Whole pregnancy only went up 10 lbs and after I had the baby I weighed less than what I did pre pregnancy. So it ended up being a good thing for me. It can get harder for people towards the end. No matter what you eat or do sometimes your numbers get hard to control and I ended up needing insulin on my case.

  13. Marisol Serrano

    You are glowing Gabbi! ✨✨ your skin looks so good ! 🤌🏻😊

  14. Jaime

    How come we never see ultrasound pictures of the baby 😢

  15. Stacie

    With my son I was able to drink the orange juice to test GD but when I was pregnant with my daughter I couldn't drink it I threw it up then tried again and threw it up as well so they told me they weren't going to make me take it anymore so I never new if I was positive with it for my second pregnancy I just ate as healthy as I could because I was nervous.

  16. Paola Amarillas

    You look so beautiful ahhhh love youuu 🥰❤️❤️❤️

  17. Viviana Medell

    PROUD of you Gabbi, I know how scared you are of needles 👏

  18. Mireya Salas

    Y ya que tengas tu baby gabby se te ban a hir los dias hasta más rápido 😊

  19. Mireya Salas

    Gurl how could you not like coffee ,but yea right now In ur case water is better

  20. Bujji Sweety

    Mam bottom part asalu artam avadam ledu amma

  21. Masa Vasundara

    Hi, How much time did you walk after meal

  22. sindhu raji

    Hi sis,naku 8th month pregnancy lo vunna,fbs 72,ppbs 135 and hba1c 5.1% vundhi,insulin tisukomantunaru doctor ,insulin ok na sister pls reply me

  23. @ñū0ä🐝

    I m 6months pregnant and this much food doesn't help me I keep feeling hungry

  24. Preethi S

    Madam fruits like apple pomegranate will increase gestational diabetes or what ?

  25. Bujjamma Hotel

    Hii Sister.. Gestational diabetes vachindhi ani entha ranges vunte thelusthai

  26. Bhavani

    Meeku normal delivery ayyindha or oparation ayyindha

  27. Mahalaxmi Chigani

    I am 7th month pregnant. I also have gestational diabetes. Can you please suggest how to control the sugar and what is the diet ? Please andi


    Akka iam also gestational diabetic .. pls tell me 7 days breakfast and lunch ,dinner , fruits anni chepandi

  29. Nikita Shekhawat

    Why you not included milk in your diet? Is it increase blood suger level?

  30. Manisha Manishayadav

    Hi akka miku after delivery sugar poenda

  31. Shravanthi Reddy

    Hii akka before breakfast after brekfast before lunch after lunch before dinnar after dinnar pregnacy dayabic womenki sugar levels yata hundali chepandi plezz

  32. rafat “grace” muhammad

    My diabetes is totally gone after using the herbal medications I got from Dr. Umoru on his YouTube channel…

  33. Kalyani simple women channel

    Matta rice means brown rice na

  34. Sukanya Praveen

    Hi andi Naku ipppudu 7th month sugar fasting 106 undi medicine suggest chesaru and Naku 2nd month ending lo thyroid vchendi so tablet vaadala sugar ki

  35. something special

    Hi andi diabetic vala meeku amniotic fluid ekuva ayinda?

  36. Madhuri V

    Sis mata rice link em Ana unte pampandi pls

  37. Pushpalatha G

    Can we control diabetic within a week

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