9 Early WARNING SIGNS of Type II Diabetes || Know Before It's TOO LATE

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Type II Diabetes causes a person’s blood sugar levels to become too high. And left, untreated this could have very devastating effects on a persons health and quality of life.

The good news is that when it comes to Type II Diabetes there is a LOT you can do from a lifestyle perspective to have an impact and greatly improve your health and well being.

Coach Tonya discusses some of the EARLY WARNING SIGNS of Type II DIABETES and how improving lifestyle choices can make a massive difference.

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  9. ☄️Luminescent ☄️

    So it sounds like all you have to do is get rid of the glucose. Does fasting reverse it?

  10. Oyema Jonathan

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  14. Raquel Polanco

    This scared me. 1. I’m always tired. 2. I have tingling in my hands and feet 3. Dark skin in underarms 4. High LDL. 5. I’m always hungry. 6. Been gaining weight

  15. TONI WHY

    I watched the whole Glucofort ad. And I didn't even buy it to try. 

    I am sure it won't work. 

    It make sense but it is a lie.

    Type 2 diabetic is too much insulin, and create an insulin resistant.

    But in the Glucofort ad, it said the natural tea and help to your organ to create more insulin that help you remove sugar That is not true. 

    When liver has too much sugar and liver refuse to take more sugar, then the sugar stay in your blood.

    And because of type 2 diabetic, is too much insulin, your weight will never lose, insulin will make you fat, that why when you inject insulin you will never lose weight.

    Sugar cause inflammation, and when you have bad fatty  liver with type 2 diabetic your cholesterol won't work. All the bad cholesterol will go repair the inflammation then create clog

    With my doctor report, I got 5.9 A1C with every normal except low on vitamin D. 

    So eating egg ank whole and cheese and fat, they will not gain you fat.

    And remember sugar and fat can not eat together you will die faster, fasting is the key

    I was 7.1 A1C, and not was 5.9 A1C. Didn't have any medicine

    Personally, I like to eat meat and veggies.

    I was using Kato menu, but not Kato diet, which is ketosis. And fasting

    I lost 28lb, I was eating fat, steak, mayo, egg cheese, milk, bacon, Walnut and many different kind of but, chicken salmon, coconut oil, heavy cream. And all kind of viggie, olive oil

    I skip anything sugar, bread noodle rice, bad oil plant base oil viggie oil o-mega 6. 

    Only o-mega 3 and 9 is good oil which is olive oil fish oil and coconut oil.

    I didn't do exercise at all. I would recommend exercises but normal 3 times a week. 30 min with good heart rate for your age.

    Fasting is easy, my first meal 12pm my final meal is 6pm after that no eating.

    So you will have 18 hours of fasting and sleep thru it.

    I will eat good at 12, and eat little more at 6pm but more viggie and meat

    I would recommend fruit, any sweet fruit,but limit to one a day.

    So is not Kato.

    I would say is Kato menu with fasting and any one fruit a day it can be sweet. And plus exercise. 

    I got the A1C 5.9 after 2 years, and 1.5 years because of the pandemic, I start eat snacks at home which is sugar, like chip, candle, fires, cookies, but I skip all major meal with rice or bread or noodle.

    And I stop fasting for the last 6 months,

    And I still get A1C 5.9, 

    If I continue, I will be even better. 

    And plan to go back to the right track

    And want to share and it is free and free from medicine.

    And please do it slowly to change over

    I can not eat and be hungry.

    Everyone is different not guarantee must work for you.

  16. David Dalton

    I've got a lot of these an i even have the elevated blood sugar levels

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