8 Ways To Detox Your Lungs Naturally | How To Clean Your Lungs | फेफड़े साफ़ करने का तरीका

8 Ways To Detox Your Lungs Naturally | How To Clean Your Lungs | फेफड़े साफ़ करने का तरीका
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8 Ways To Detox Your Lungs Naturally | How To Clean Your Lungs | फेफड़े साफ़ करने का तरीका

Every day, human #lungs are exposed to harmful pollutants and microbes in some way or the other.

And, in case you are a smoker, your lungs are sure to get black with the deposition of tar in them.

As such, regular #lungsdetoxification is extremely important for the expulsion of the toxins.

Here are 8 simple ways to #detoxyourlungs naturally:

1. Stop smoking
First thing first, stop smoking and go cold turkey. You cannot detox your lungs if you keep dragging the puffs of smoke every now and then.

2. Get rid of dairy products
To detox your lungs, get rid of all sorts of dairy products from your routine. Doing this will help your body remove all #toxins during the #lungcleanse.

3. Lemon juice
Add lemon juice in lukewarm water and drink it every morning. Doing this can also help you cleanse your lungs.

4. Drink carrot juice
If you drink at least 300 ml of carrot juice between breakfast and lunch, it will help in detoxing the lungs.

5. Ginger
The goodness of ginger goes much beyond just ‘adrak wali chai’. You can consume raw ginger or have ginger tea. You can also take ginger powder baths which will make your body sweat and remove toxins.

6. Swear by the antioxidants
Having pineapple before going to bed can help fight bacteria in the lungs. The antioxidants in pineapple can greatly #purifyyourlungs.

7. Take a hot shower
A 20-minutes hot bath every day can help in removing toxins. You can also inhale steam to purify your lungs.

8. Breathe in, breathe out
Practice deep breathing exercises for 30 minutes every day. Doing this will help in flushing out the impurities and toxins from the lungs.

Lungs are the most important part of the respiratory system. Hence, detoxing the lungs and allowing them to breathe, cleanse and heal is extremely important.

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