8 Best Exercises To Build Muscle At Home

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You don’t need a gym if you want to build muscle and have your physique be more defined.

If you do these 8 exercises at home everyday then you will notice good improvements in the way your body looks, the way your muscles are more sharp and well-defined.

The reason is that these exercises are pretty intensive and require significant muscle strength from you to do them. And when the muscles are challenged, this is when you start to grow!

Here are these 8 exercises:
1. Squat (For Quadriceps)
2. Knee Pushups (for Arms, Chest and Shoulders)
3. Super Mans (for Back)
4. Tricep Dips (for Triceps)
5. Cross Crunches (for Abs)
6. Heel Touches (for Obliques)
7. Donkey Kicks (Legs and Glutes)
8. Rise and Plie (Legs and Calves)

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Let’s begin the workout and grow our muscles!

One of the most common questions I get is, ‘What are the best supplements to build muscle? There’s a ton of misinformation out there when it comes to the best supplements for muscle building and strength. In this video I’ll share the 4 best supplements that are worth considering to build muscle faster.

There are 3 main reasons why whey protein powder can be considered one of the most effective muscle building supplements available. First off, it’s typically very low in fat and carbs and instead very high in protein content, which makes it very calorie and macro friendly when compared to other protein sources. Second, it’s convenient and can be used in many different ways to both save you time and add some more life into your diet. And lastly, it’s actually quite affordable when viewed at a price per gram basis, with the average cost of whey protein being comparable to that of chicken breast. This all just makes it easier for you to consistently reach the optimal daily protein intake that otherwise can be a struggle to hit, which is exactly how protein powder can indirectly speed up your growth.

Next is creatine, which, of all the supplements for muscle growth available, is probably the most well researched and science-backed one. Whenever we lift weights we use something called ATP, the main energy source for our muscles. As we lift, we deplete these ATP stores to the point where we can no longer perform anymore reps. This is where creatine comes in. It improves our strength and muscle endurance by facilitating a faster regeneration of ATP and enabling us to perform that extra rep or two or lift slightly more weight during our workouts. There does seem to be quite a bit of variation with regards to the response to creatine, though. Also, note that creatine doesn’t simply do the work for you. The benefits you get from supplementing with it only apply if you’re actually pushing yourself harder in your workouts as a result.

Next is caffeine (pre workout), arguably one of the best muscle building supplements. Caffeine ingestion prior to our workouts not only enhances our muscle contractions, but can also enable us to perform more reps by altering our pain thresholds and our perception of how hard we’re working. That said, those who consume caffeine on a regular basis tend to see somewhat of a blunted response to its ergogenic effects. So, what I’d recommend to avoid developing a caffeine tolerance too quickly. Reserve its use for workouts where you’ll reap the most benefit from it. For example, lower body workouts, early morning workouts, or days where you just need that extra kick.

For the final of the top supplements for building muscle, internationally renowned fitness expert and researcher Dr. Brad Schoenfeld adds beta-alanine to the list. When supplemented, beta-alanine facilitates increases in muscle carnosine levels. Carnosine acts as a hydrogen ion buffer. This is important for activities such as resistance training, sprinting, and other anaerobic forms of exercise, as there is a substantial buildup of lactic acid that occurs, which ultimately impairs performance. The buffering action of carnosine can help to delay fatigue from the associated hydrogen ion accumulation (acidosis) and thus enable performance of additional work (e.g. reps during lifting). It can, therefore, ultimately enhance muscle-building capacity. However, there is a fairly large degree of inter-individual variability.

So, hopefully you now know the answer to ‘What are the best supplements to build muscle?’ and you were able to see that supplements are not magic. You still need to put in the work and even then, they aren’t extremely effective. But, the little boosts you do get from each of these supplements can add up to a meaningful difference overtime, especially when you then pair this with the right training and nutrition program. And for a step-by-step program that uses science to guide you week after week with your training, your nutrition, and even your supplementation, so that you can truly maximize your results, then simply take the analysis quiz to discover which science-based program would be best for you and where your body is currently at below:


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Filmed by: Bruno Martin Del Campo


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  1. Beauty Nicki

    Please which should i do first in a day, exercise to loose belly fat before this or exercise to gain weight before loosing belly fat, and is it advisable i do the 2 in one exercise in a day?

  2. canjou

    watch me dlo this everyday
    day 1: 2 sets

  3. Manalisha Bonia

    Maam kiya only hands face and neck mein sorbi Ana paungi

  4. batool

    Day 1: ✔
    Day 2: ✔
    Day 3: ✔
    Day 4: ✔

  5. Da gang stories

    do i do this everyday for how long?

  6. Kicevo Kercov

    Is it okay that I'm doing this extrecise and the the other one for your hips at the same time?

  7. ACE_ACE

    Does this actually help?I'm really skinny and weak wanna gain some muscle so I'm giving it a shot

  8. Japreet kaur Sekhon

    It's very Tough but good for Health 👌👌👍 Support from India 🇳🇪🇳🇪

  9. Niesha Adhikari

    its been 4 days that i have been doing this i will update you guys after 2 weeks!!

  10. biki hira

    I will try this exercise..my dietician recommend it. Also I find difficulties in pushup

  11. Nur

    Hey I wonder if I do this workout everyday is it enough or do you guys doing it twice or idk?

  12. Chhavi Singh

    Its only for girls or boys can also do it

  13. Broskies-_-

    Starting today this is a pre-workout
    Pre-workout: Today.
    February 1st Because of Sibling Issues.

  14. Shindey Madrid

    Hi! Nice routine, I just started today and I’ll keep as long as possible to see the results, I really would like to gain some muscle. Is this supposed to be done everyday or I should leave a day in between?

  15. sim

    I am not skinny.. will this work out help in gaining weight or losing weight and tonning muscles?

  16. Isaiah Garcia

    What’s the brand of creatine do you use ?

  17. Dawson Cron

    Bro, please build your chest more, lay off the traps, and build your back. Your biceps and triceps are just fine bro, get bigger in the other parts and you’ll look way more lean than you do now!

  18. janima fzzde

    I’m a Bariatric patient over 55. This is a very timely video for me. Thanks so much!
    Changed my life. I will never eat the same ever again. "Unless you physically trip and your face lands in a box urlah.com/crazybulk of donuts, there is no such thing as a 'slip'." Get that mind set and you'll win again and again.


    ! 💖🖤❤ #感谢直播的重整#今天的直播是#太搞笑了#超过10,000人在观看(#laughs#毕竟胡萝卜是最好的#我很激动忘记关掉相机.

  19. Sugar Fire

    whey protein is only like 100 cals which is less than a snack if you're trying to gain weight so it's really not that great for weight gain

  20. James Aseto

    All you actually need are & in this order:
    1. Weigh Training
    2. Protein Powder – Preferably Whey Protein
    3. Creatine to give you the extra "push"
    4. Food lots of it especially foods rich in protein
    5. Enough Sleep
    6. Rinse and repeat

  21. Gavin Kim

    Would you recommend creatine when trying to lose weight ? Weight lifting 5 days a week and on a calorie deficit

  22. Raymond Hernandez

    Doesn't whey protein powder have estrogen, men need chicken and steak.

  23. Hala Kassab

    I used whey and cratine whey is good but i got more results from creatine

  24. Powdered Toast Man

    Dont take creatine unless you want to destroy your kidneys. Protein and a proper diet are more than enough.

  25. Alex Pulido

    Every time i take creatine i get stomach pain, is that normal? Why is this happening?

  26. Krullerized

    So regarding creatine adding "only" 8% strenght, one has to realize it's not "just" 8%: it's 8% on top of your maximum weight lifting capacity. This is not small by any means, since the damage endured by the muscle isn't linear. The muscle gets damaged much much more than 8% more.
    It's logic. Lifting 10lbs 80 times isn't as painful as lifting 800lbs 1 time. So yeah don't think it's a "small" gain, every single little weight added to your previous maximum is actually going to help tremendously.

  27. Comando NECTAR

    I want to know why i get a bad side effect when i take creatine it was good at first but then i don’t know why i feel fatigue and with a head ache and another question when you take one supplement can you take another one in that same day because i take every day creatine with water and then i take a pre work out i dont know if i’m doing the right thing

  28. Yokai Does

    Please brother i think a person who has goals doesn't need to see faster results so please recommend genuine products with proof ..so that your audience will also benefit

  29. besfort avdullahu

    Why doesn't have effect in you ?

  30. Let'sTalkAboutIt Much

    Thank you for this!!!!!!

  31. Goatman Sasquatch

    I’ll stick to dbol anavar and test. Thanks.

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