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Here’s a quick 9 min abs workout you can do at home to get firmed abs and a stronger core. Give it a try! For the #1 Butt Workout Plan check out: http://www.30DayButtTransformation.com
Model: @Jessicagem_
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  1. Rosie Pollitt

    I have done Lucy's workout for 5 days now and I can say it works. I have lost a couple inches round the stomach where I carry a lot of my weight and I am now comfortable in t-shirts. Which I didn't think would happen again. Thank you so much Lucy, your the best. You have restored a lot of my self confidence. ❤️

  2. Dontbecringe

    Is it normals when my waist starts to hurt after workouts

  3. ✰ florasmoon ✰ #pray4ukraine

    I am going to try this and see if I can keep a routine going! I can never do this so I, going to start today and see how long I can go for as I would love to feel confident again!

  4. Maren

    I’m gonnna do this workout for 3 weeks, I’ll update y’all. I’m having 1 rest day a week! “I started yesterday”
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅ I did another 7 min workout, a 3 minute workout and a 15 minute workout because I wanted to feel sm if that gives any sense💀
    Sw: gw:

  5. Cutiepotato

    So i’ve been trying today so ( I was actually exercising but I’m gonna start with this one)
    Day 1: ✅


    WEEK 1:

    Day 1: BURNTTT A LOTTTT but got through it!!
    Day 2: once again burnt a lot but it felt a little bit more easy.
    Day 3: started burn less but it got a lot more easy and i started to enjoy doing this workout!
    Day 4: Didnt burn at all until around workout 4!
    Day 5: my mum noticed i started loosing weight on my stomach, collarbones, face, arms and a little bit on the legs! I DID THE WORKOUT and it didnt burn until around workout 6!
    Day 6: didnt do it because i didnt have time but I WENT TO A TRAMPOLINE PARK
    Day 7: didnt have time once again because i went out to celebrate w my family!

    WEEK 1: ✅
    I can rlly tell im starting to loose a lot of weight. My waist is smaller, my fat has gone down a little on all areas and my jawline is starting to POP!
    And i havent went on a diet at all!
    So im really happy atmmmm!!

    WEEK 2:

    Day 1: COMPLETE only burnt a little!
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

    WEEK 2:

  7. Mathushan Senthilkumaran

    If it is Okey when we do this at night

  8. Adriana Lugo

    I saw this video so long ago and always wanted to try but never did – here I am a year or so later and I finally started because I am so tired of being depressed in my one and only body that I have!! And I owe it to myself to be the best I can be 💪 🧠

    Day 1 – I am dripping sweat but feel great and so glad I finally did this. Longest 7 minutes of my life lol but it’s done ✅

  9. Bob Ross

    Starting this and will edit everyday <3
    1st day: sweating a little but had to stretch more tmr

  10. ravi ranjan singh

    This workout really works…. I've been doing this for just 4 days n I've already lost an inch😁🥳

  11. celine zlita

    day 1 : wasn’t really motivated and took breaks
    day 2: did all of it!

  12. Phoebe Kingston

    I am going to do this workout every day (along with a leg workout). I gained 22 pounds during quarantine and have been unable to drop the weight since. I rly want to wear crop tops and bikinis and stuff this summer, so giving this a try. I will do updates daily 🙂
    Day 1-✅ it wasn’t that hard until the last exercise, but I’m definitely tired after

  13. 03mikee

    This helped a lot wit my love handles they gone now

  14. SkElLetON LeGS

    I will do this EVERY morning bc I’m not comfortable with my stomach so I hope this workout can tone me stomach so it feels tight:D (I’m going to start tomorrow!!)

    Day 1= ♥️Thanks for the update lol :,)
    So I did it first in the morning, I didn’t feel any burn or so but maybe I’ll get some results (BTW I’m going to add a workout from Pamela Reif, bc I want to feel something!!)

    Day 2=

    Day 3=

    Day 4=

    Day 5=

    Day 6=

    Day 7=

  15. kay

    this is my first day doing this workout and i’m sweating alot!!! I loved it alot thanks so much for this💖

  16. Peridot

    This is gonna be difficult for me, cosidering I'm already obese, I just hope this isn't a hoax and if it isn't that it works for male's

  17. Tough Love

    just started with day 1 of my jouney…i was out of breath for sure i did it twice wish me luck

  18. Sunna Adit


  19. XxLonelyxX

    Damn she can be my personal trainer

  20. Lexie_Healthand Fitness

    Is there anyone watching. While laying on bed? Asking for a Friend

  21. gorgeous wales

    Thanks I will start this tomorrow.

  22. Shantall Samuels

    Nice work give more tummy one cn do at home and for butt and thigh tone up

  23. Veronica Talavera

    you are so pretty n have perfect body👌👍👍👍💖💞💕💓

  24. Muhammad Fayyaz FTVI YouTube Music Channel

    Excellent easy n


    Specially for knees

    legs/ lower limbs + Upper

    limbs / hands n shoulders etc.

    Thanks for sparing your precious

    n private time by sharing it to

    InterNational Audience!

    Stay Blessed n Connected!

  25. raed mansour

    مبدعة متعة المشاهدة

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