6 Types of COVID 19 Symptom Clusters Predict Hospitalization

6 Types of COVID 19 Symptom Clusters Predict Hospitalization
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6 Types of COVID 19 Symptom Clusters Predict Hospitalization

This is an educational video based on a new study on COVID 19 showing that 6 distinct cluster of symptoms may help predict hospitalization and severity of disease.

Tim Spector, the study lead, said: “Data is our most powerful tool against covid-19. We urge everyone to get in the habit of using the app daily to log their health over the coming months, helping us to stay ahead of any local hotspots or a second wave of infections.

One limitation of the study is that it relied on self-reported information collected from people who used smartphone devices. Additionally, some individuals might have become too unwell to record their symptoms later in the disease course, so it may not have accounted fully for the peak of the disease. To tackle this limitation, reporting by proxy was included on the app in late April 2020.

The Covid Symptom Study has now identified skin rash as a key symptom of covid-19 in up to one in 10 cases. But it was not recognized as a symptom at the time of analysis so it is not currently Known how skin rashes map onto the six clusters.

Covid-19: Study reveals six clusters of symptoms that could be used as a clinical prediction tool BMJ 2020 :370 doi:
https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m2911 (Published 20 July 2020)
Cite this as: BMJ 2020;3 70:m2911


Sudre C, Lee K, Lochlainn M, et al. Symptom clusters in covid19: a potential clinical prediction tool from the COVID Symptom study app. MedRxiv 2020.06.12.201 29056 [Preprint].


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