6 Steps!! Fox Eyes Lift massage | How to get fox eyes naturally without makeup (non surgical)

6 Steps!! Fox Eyes Lift massage | How to get fox eyes naturally without makeup (non surgical)
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6 Steps!! Fox Eyes Lift massage | How to get fox eyes naturally without makeup (non surgical)

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Fox Eye is the eye that is lifted high, making the eyebrows and eyes look beautiful, charming, sexy.

This trend is popular among celebs like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Megan Fox.

Today we have an eye massage, correcting sagging eyelids and eyebrows, turning sad eyes into a natural lift.

Let’s get started.

Step 1
Use your thumb to press down on the corner of the eye slightly. Do 5 times.

Step 2
Use your index finger to press the head of your eyebrows and eyes. Hold a little, do 5 times.

Step 3
Use your index finger to gently press the head of the eye. Press along the lower eye socket.
Press the corner of the eye to lift and hold it slightly. Do 5 rounds.

Step 4
Massage 4 points in this area.
Use the index finger and middle finger to massage, rotate it out and push it up, making all 4 points.
Do this 3 rounds.

Step 5
Use your thumb to press up along the bone of the upper eye socket. Do 3 rounds.

Step 6
Use your fingertips to massage along the hairline, rotating it up.
Massage down until reaching the corner of the eye. Do 3 rounds.

Do it regularly 1-2 times a day.

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  1. Juan Cristobal Arellano

    I will take you on my journey.
    I started yesterday. doing it twice a day (Morning / Night)
    Day 1: Done (No changes)
    Day 2: Done (No changes)
    Day 3: Done (No changes, but feeling my forehead tired / like excercised

  2. yoongivevibez

    I already have eyes like this but why am I watching this?💀😭

  3. Reshmemarak

    After doing this exercise one eye tera hogya 😭😤

  4. FilipinoFoodie


  5. جورج الفتاة سيئة

    This has caused me wrinkles under my eyes💔

  6. ii_Maq3

    trying this!! (doing this 2x a day) <3
    Day 1: done
    Day 2: done

  7. Astghik Z

    The veins under my eyes started to swell its ok?

  8. Naba noor

    I literally do a lot exercises from your video and other channel and my face is literally fully changing and it's glowing my skin too

  9. Yaa Acheampong

    Who else is scrolling down the comments to see if it works XD

  10. Meena x

    You do reaise the fox eye is a natural feature in certain ethnic groups…..

  11. Subzz

    Imma keep a regular update

    Day 1: my eyes feel kinda stretched upwards

    Day 2:

  12. shariny

    can a round eye do this to have smaller eyes

  13. payton

    these comments must be bots or sum bc ive seeen literally no difference over 1 year this is cap, stop wasting your time doing this

  14. SYL

    Day1, ✅
    Day 2 ✅ omg my eyes are slightly lifted

  15. Cake Story

    I just started doing it I will update the results after a week or 2 weeks

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